Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{I have this thing with floors...and anchors...and anchors on floors}

I'm not even going to deny it...my poor little old Happy Hour series has been getting some serious neglect this summer. I mean, who do I think I am, traveling and summering and acting like I'm OMG-like-totally-so-super-important?! Hashtag I'm so not! And now here we are getting into the last few days of summer (ok, not calendar summer, but basically what everyone else considers summer). It's madness! Side note- the alternate title for this series is "Let's Talk About How Quickly Time Flies" because it seems like every other week I'm talking about how it's already a new season. Yikes! But let's hold on to summer a little longer, shall we? Do you guys have any goals/activies that you're trying to fit in before the season is over? Mr. RC and I are still hoping to host a BBQ in our backyard, hit up a few rooftops for drinks, venture out to Governors Island, and go kayaking. We'll see if it actually all happens...


{Secret garden skyline views}


{Finally tried this place in our neighborhood that is known for their French toast...with lots of berries, almond brittle, and mascarpone it definitely didn't disappoint!}


{Crushing on this sailboat wallpaper that was in our B&B in Maine...definitely want this in a seaside house if when I get one!}


{A red velvet s'mores sundae with Nutella and a homemade graham...our favorite ice cream spot has clearly outdone themselves!}


{One of my good blogging friends attended Create & Cultivate in Chi town last weekend and in her awesome review of the event, I found this quote from Garance Dore. I instantly fell in love with it so I knew I had to share!}