Shhh! It’s a Secret

I truly value every one of my readers and your privacy is incredibly important to me. Just as I want to have a safe and positive experience when I visit a website, I want my readers to feel the same when visiting Runway Chef LLC. While certain data is indeed gathered by everyone who stops by my site, I promise that that information is kept completely confidential and never shared with any outside parties. Email addresses, names, and any other personal information submitted in comment forms or elsewhere on Runway Chef LLC will never be sold, given out or added to any mailing lists. Period.


It’s All in the Content

All content is created by me {Alyssa} exclusively for Runway Chef LLC, unless otherwise noted, in which case Runway Chef LLC does everything possible to give the correct credit.

My blog is my life and my life is my blog, so please be considerate when sharing the content you see here. Many hours of labor and love go into every aspect of Runway Chef LLC, so while it makes us super happy that you want to share our content, we do ask that you please credit Runway Chef LLC and provide a link back to our website.

Runway Chef LLC reserves the right to remove any posts or content without notice or explanation. Similarly, Runway Chef LLC also reserves the right to delete any comments deemed inappropriate, harmful, negative, offensive, inappropriate, or spam, without notice or explanation.

Runway Chef LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for any of the content shared on or any of its associated platforms.


Gifted Items

Runway Chef LLC does accept gifted items, which can be recognized as any items marked with a ℅. Gifted items are featured solely on the discretion of the Runway Chef LLC team, and are never featured simply because they have been gifted. As always, all opinions are those of Runway Chef LLC, and we do not claim to share the views, opinions, or expressions of those companies with whom we may partner or work with.


Sponsored Material & Advertising

Here at Runway Chef LLC we do our best to provide you with premium content. Sometimes, that means partnering with like-minded brands and companies in a seamless, organic way. All sponsored content is always written by me {Alyssa}, in my own words, with my own thoughts and opinions, and only features products/brands that we at Runway Chef LLC truly love and use and that we feel fit with the Runway Chef LLC brand and aesthetic. You will never see a sponsored post strictly based on compensation and/or featuring something that we don’t stand behind 100%. Trust us. No amount of money can get us talking about something we don’t like!

Similarly, any advertising, whether directly from a company or a third-party ad network, is approved by the Runway Chef LLC team on the basis of whether or not it is a good fit for our brand and audience, never based on the level of compensation.

A note to brands: To ensure a successful partnership, prior to reaching out please consider the brand and aesthetic of Runway Chef LLC first, to see if we would be a good fit. If you believe we would be, please contact me at to discuss further details.