runway faq

You asked, I answered

When did you start Runway Chef?

September 2011


How did you get started?

I was bored and needed an escape from job searching. I’d been online journaling for years and had started to read a few blogs, so it seemed like a natural way to combine all my hobbies into one spot.


Do you blog full time?

Sort of. I do run my blog, but I also have clients for which I do a variety of services ranging from photography to writing to recipe development to styling services.


How do you make money from your blog?

The majority of my money is made through brand collaborations, social media activations, long term partnerships, freelance services (some of which I mentioned above) and a small percentage is made from affiliate networks (i.e. the links I include on my ‘Shop’ page).


Where do you find inspiration?

Browsing magazines, exploring the work of other creatives, being out and about, eating at restaurants, traveling the world... inspiration is around every corner, sometimes, a lot of times, in the places you least expect it.


I’m just starting a blog...do you have any advice?

I could go on for actual days here, but to sum it up. 1) Do what works for you….if you want to write about a niche, do. If you want to write about 10 topics, do. If you want post 2x a day, do it. If you only want to post once a week, you can do that, too. Find what works for you and do that (even if no one else is). 2) Be inspired by others, but never imitate. We’re all unique individuals with our own talents...don’t waste yours trying to be like someone else. 3) Get out there and network you and your brand as much as you can. 4) Google (and Youtube) will be your best friends. Constantly research everything and never stop learning.


What kind of camera do you use?

Canon 5D Mark III for most photos, a Sony a6000 for video, some restaurant and/or low light situations and on-the-go snaps (Love that it has wifi capability!) and my iPhone for little things in between


What are What camera do you recommend if you’re just starting out? favorite stores to shop in for clothes?

Sony a6000 (it’s portable, easy-to-use, has lots of convenient features and produces really high quality content  for an amazing price point)


Who takes the photos for the site?

Me and sometimes Mr. RC (but only if I bribe him with food)


How do you edit your Instagram photos?

Using The Lightroom app, Snapseed, VSCO and sometimes right in Instagram


How do you not gain weight eating all that food?

If only this was the case...it’s a constant struggle and, trust me, if I skip too many workouts or make too many desserts, I’m 100% gaining weight.  But for me, it’s all about balance. I believe in eating real, wholesome foods, staying active, healthy and fit and indulging frequently (because life is short). So while you may see me indulging in fries and pies on Instagram, what you’re not always seeing is the 90% of the time when I’m actually eating very lean and clean (smoothies, salads, whole grains, avocado toast) and busting my butt in the gym.


I made one of your recipes, but it didn’t come out how you said it would…what happened?

Unfortunately, I’m not in your kitchen cooking with you, so I can’t tell you exactly, but there are a few things that can effect a recipe. Type of oven, the material of cookware (i.e. glass pan as opposed to a metal pan), temperature, and altitude of where you live. Some other things that can effect a recipe are cooking on a gas stove compared to an electric stove, over-mixing things, under or over cooking, or even using whole wheat flour in place of white flour (or vice versa).


Favorite tool in the kitchen?


Favorite piece in the closet?

My vintage one-of-a-kind Chanel blazer I bought as a 30th birthday present to myself in Milan


What’s your favorite food?

What’s not my favorite food would be an easier question. Seriously. I love everything! Although, I’m particularly fond of avocado toast, peaches, chocolate, ice cream, cheese of all kinds, loaded salads and homemade blueberry pie.


What did you go to school for?

I have a Business Marketing degree from Benedictine College.


Are you professionally trained?

If you call growing up in the kitchen, watching Martha Stewart everyday, and reading allllll the magazines and library books possible, then yes, I’m professionally trained. But did I go to school for culinary, fashion, home or wellness ventures? Definitely not. It’s simply stuff I learned from my family, or things I learned on my own simply because I’m intrigued by them.