Simple + Neutral Easter Table Decor

Simple + Neutral Easter Table Decor

When it comes to table decor,

you’ve probably noticed that I have a few unspoken rules- make it neutral + keep it simple. It really doesn’t matter what the occasion or holiday is, neutral palettes and simple style are my everlasting guides for setting a table. Anything else and it just becomes too complicated, and, quite frankly, not worth it, in my humble opinion. So, naturally, today’s Easter table decor is no different. It’s neutral, it’s simple, it’s easy to put together, it uses pieces that you can easily find (or probably even have), it’s got just the right touches of spring (without being all bunnies and bows), and , of course, eggs. Because is it even Easter without them?!

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Let your food provide the color and patterns for your table and keep the base clean and neutral by using things like linen tablecloths and napkins, off-white plates and vintage silverware.

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Add flowers

This one probably goes without saying, but it’s spring. You need some flowers, or spring-y element, in your centerpiece. This spring flower arrangement would be a great option, but you can also keep it really simple and just use lilacs or hyacinth, tulips or lilies, a few cherry blossom branches (one of my favorite options), or pussywillow branches, like I’ve done here. I like how they add a fun textural element to the table without adding color, and even though they aren’t a pastel color, it’s still something that represents spring. I always remember going out and foraging pussywillow branches with my Mom as a kid and then using them as our Easter egg tree, so they continue to be a favorite Easter table centerpiece for me because of the special memories tied to them.

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Incorporate fresh eggs

Leave the plastic eggs for the Easter bunny and stick to fresh, real eggs for your table decor. Of course, you can use dyed ones to add a pop of color, or match the theme of your decor, but, since I’m all about sticking to neutrals, I love using eggs just as they are. Pro tip: if you pick up eggs at a farmer’s market, or a farm stand, they’re more likely to have lots of pretty natural features like specks, or even a variety of colors, which look especially great on an Easter table.

Since I’m using natural eggs for the decor, I opted for colored egg cups as my way to add a pop of color to the table. Alternatively, if you wanted to swap things around you could use dyed eggs and neutral egg cups instead.

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To accompany the neutral base, be sure to use glassware that is light and bright. I especially love using things like a decanter in place of a vase for the way it reflects light. Same applies for the glassware. I love using something with a bit of a pattern to get those pretty, light reflections as an added subtle and unexpected decor element to the table. Plus, light and bright just seems appropriate for celebrating a holiday that is equally as light and bright.

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I briefly mentioned the color pop when talking about the eggs because for this Easter table I chose to incorporate the pop of color with the egg cups. You could choose to do it with the napkins, the plates, the flowers, the glasses, really any one of the elements on the table. But the key here is to just choose one. One is the perfect amount tp break up the monotony of the neutral palette without fulling taking away or distracting from it. But anything more, and it will just look like a clustered mess.

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