Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{High above Torino}

For some reason I never numbered these Happy Hour posts way back when I started them. Luckily, Wordpress had my back and automatically did it for me, otherwise I would have never known that today marks a whole whopping 150 Happy Hour posts. Can you believe it?! Because I sure can't! In fact, I can barely believe I've put together so many posts in general. Wildness I tell ya, wildness.

While I have plenty of favorite happy things from the last week (seeing my family, spending time in my hometown, new things I got for fall), I'm waiting to share those in another HH, because todayyyyyyy.....we're celebrating the big 1-5-0! And, of course, by celebrating I mean sharing a few favorites from Happy Hours gone by. Normally, I would celebrate with champs and sweets and all kinds of good things, but until I can physically figure out how to share those things on the great wide web, you and I are stuck with on-line walks down memory lane and virtual champagne toasts instead. These 15 favorites are mostly from the last year, because, let's be real, no one, not you or I, has time to go through 150 posts. Also, because my pictures from way back in the day are tragically awful so I'm basically doing you a favor and sparing you the agony of having to look at them. You're welcome.

I'll be signing off from the blog for the next few days to recharge and regroup as summer, sort of, comes to a close. Ok, ok. You caught me. It's really so I can play hooky and try to knock a few things off my end-off-summer list before I'm out of time. Who's with me?! Of course, without question, you know you can still keep up with me on good ol' social until I'm back with brand new content next Tuesday. Hope you all enjoy these last few days before the long weekend and have a happy Labor Day weekend!


{When I dressed like some sort of cow-girl-meets-flower-girl and my brother and I were much younger, but he so sweetly picked me this bouquet of flowers. The ages and outfits (thankfully) have changed, but his kind and thoughtful gestures have not.}


{A very special tree, for reasons you can find out in this Happy Hour post.}


{The European charm and blue doors of this place make it one of my favorite homes in our neighborhood.} 


{A favorite food + a favorite pattern = a favorite Happy Hour moment}


{Our street cat buddy from our old apartment that stole a part of our hearts and never gave it back.}


{The city never disappoints with sunsets, but this was definitely a top one.}


{Taking beautiful photos with Urška & Domenin a magical olive grove above the city of Florence}


{A beautiful anniversary day view from our Lake Como apartment


{One of my favorite food photos I've ever taken}


{Dreamy sheets for dream-filled sleepy nights}


{Finally making it to Coney Island}


{My 30th birthday present to myself + a shopping bag-turned-artwork courtesy of Mr. RC and also featured in this HH and this one}


{The little bit of our home that we've managed to decorate and out together...sort of...} 


{Getting my RC logo on a latte...definitely one of the more epic Happy Hour moments I've ever had!} 


{One of my most favorite quotes I've ever shared}