Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Despite the cell phone quality, this is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of the city. It was taken on my walk home through the BK Bridge Park after rS School Night. I shared a snippet of this on Instagram, but I just had to share the full length picture here.}

Despite my best efforts, sometimes I just can't seem to stop working. Just one more Instagram, just one more e-mail...I'm sure you can relate. So not only was I super excited for my Mom and brother to visit (as I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving), I was also thankful to have something that forced me to stop working. Playing tour guide is always a fun job, but even more so when it's for my Mom and younger brother (who had previously only been to the city for my wedding}.

Hope you're all having a great week!

{Enjoying the first of many watermelons}

{A stop at Jane's Carousel while showing my Mom and brother around Brooklyn}

{The newest addition to our garden- a mini grape plant...how cute are those tiny clusters?!}


{Marveling at Jeff Koons Split-Rocker...I can't believe that's all live plants!}


{Don't give up!}