Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A salad topped off with goods from our garden (green beans, cherry tomatoes, peppers, & herbs)}

Soooo, July is basically over. Which means summer is basically over. Which means we are officially into the second half of the year. Full stop. Can we discuss how this happened? Preferably over a few of these, because, let's be real, I'm going to need some alcohol to numb the pain of another month slipping away. I mean, I've only gone to the beach once, (forget about going to a pool), I can't remember the last time I grilled a hamburger on our grill, and I have 2 brand new swimsuits that I have yet to wear. Either I clearly need to plan my life better, 2014 just needs to slow down.....or I just need to have another one of these!

Hope you're having a great week and savoring these last days of July! 

{Old black & white photos of NY I bought at a garage sale long before NY living was even on the horizon. Now, 4 years later, I'm pulling them out of storage as they finally fit in our NY apartment.}

{After Runway Chef, the thing that Mr. RC is a biggest fan of, is the English football (soccer) team Arsenal. This past weekend, they came to NY to play against the Red Bulls so of course we had to go. Mr. RC requested a picture of the soccer game be included in this week's HH post, and obviously I couldn't say no!}

{A couple months back, on one of our walks, we happened upon some chickens...in Brooklyn...I know. I was shocked too. Now, I make a point to go by that park and visit with the chickens on a regular basis. Not only do I love seeing something so country in the city, but it also reminds me of my Mom and brother, who raise chickens in their backyard.}

{Gold-spray painted brackets look so much better then plain ol' black brackets...but then again, what doesn't look good with a little metallic spray paint?!}

{source unknown}