Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Trying out some new earrings c/o of Rocksbox (sign up using code “alyssaxoxo1″ to receive your first month free!)}

I know I’ve said it before….I’m not really the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. Buuuuuut…..I am a huge fan of celebrating, and I’ll use just about any excuse to pop some bubbly and eat some guilt-free chocolates. You folded the laundry? Celebrate. You got yourself dressed before noon? Celebrate. You avoided eating chocolate for breakfast? Celebrate. A holiday filled with pink and hearts and roses? You guessed it….celebrate. And apparently, I decided to celebrate early with a post that is unintentionally very pink and Valentines-ey. Cheers!

P.S. We’re half way to the weekend, so you should, ya know, probably go ahead and celebrate that or something 


{Kisses for V-day}


{A cute little pitcher to match my tea set}


{My growing collection of Parisian books; from L to R: 1234}


{Valentine’s Day card making in full effect}


{It’s the month of love, so whether you have someone to celebrate with or not, drink some champs!}