Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Snack of choice as of late-these massive kiwi that also happen to be some of the best I've ever had}

"Getting sick in the middle of summer is so much fun", said no one ever. But getting sick in the middle of summer, and not to mention the middle of a crazy week, is exactly where I am. So while the rest of y'all are still sipping on your rosé, I'll be toasting you with my golden milk, grapefruit juice and NyQuil. And, of course, doing my best to keep myself thinking happy, positive, upbeat thoughts. A few things that are helping with that, besides the obvious things featured today, are this past Sunday's memories from a day at the beach...it had a few hiccups but overall any day with sun, sand, the Mr. and a pretty sunset is a good one. I'm also looking forward to this weekend as I'll be heading to Nashville for a dear friend's bachelorette party, after which the Mr. will be heading out to meet me so we can eat explore our way through Music City. Have any of you been before? If you have, I'd so love any recommendations!

Hope you're all having a great week and thanks for reading!


{New toy to make taking on-the-go photos slightly easier}


{The start of a beautiful sunset at Rockaway Beach this past weekend}


{Preemptively expanding my shoe collection for fall with these beauties}


{POPSUGAR sent me this month's Must Have Box to try. Some favorites include: the Michael Stars Skinny Scarf (which will be perfect for Nashville), this fun Pintail Pineapple pin and and the European Wax Center® Brow Highlighter. FYI, you can get your first #MustHaveBox for $5 off using code SHOP5!}


Faves from Around the Web

I absolutely love dinosaurs and I really love hearing about people who are autistic but don't let that stop them from doing amazing things with their lives, so this story really touched me.

Rio #girlpower

Because #nationalcatday was Monday and I'm the crazy cat lady who doesn't even own a cat (#8 is obviously my life goals) so I just watched 10 million cat videos instead#totallynormal (Also, please watch the video under #3 if you need a good laugh...I was legit dying!)

Everyone loves a good drugstore beauty buy, especially when it comes to lipsticks

Finally a fan that isn't fugly

My family did a few train day trips when I was younger and I was obsessed! I also have family members that have taken train rides across Canada and they couldn't say enough good things about it! Needless to say, train trips, like those mentioned, are high on my travel bucket list.

Nice cream that doesn't look anything like nice cream? Sing me up!