Bold in Beverly Hills

Bold in Beverly Hills

Who What Wear x Target Cami || Zara Pants || Schutz Heels (similar)  || Cult Gaia Bag || Celine Sunnies

I'm sure you haven't noticed at all, but there's a certain color I just can't seem to stop wearing lately. I mean, it's a pretty subtle color, so you may have overlooked it. It's definitely not bright and bold and in your face at all (insert eye roll). Ok, ok. You caught me red handed (couldn't help myself there). It's the color red. I know. You're totally shocked.

 But seriously, I can't seem to stop wearing red. It's like I've forgotten any colors besides red (and white, black and blue) exist in the color wheel. I'm finding ways to incorporate it into almost every outfit, whether it's a more subtle red glossy lip or in a big, bold statement, like these cropped trousers I wore out in Beverly Hills.

I actually grabbed these cropped trousers at Zara while I was out in California. They were a bit of an impulse buy, as cropped + pants-in-bold-colors isn't usually my thing. But go bold or go home, right? 

Have you guys jumped on the cropped pants trend? How do you feel about it? I'm still trying to decide whether I like them or not...


Photography by Seiichi Daimo