A Casual Holiday Outfit: Red Sweater + Jeans

A Casual Holiday Outfit: Red Sweater + Jeans









There's no denying that red is having a moment. As someone who has been a fan of wearing the color forever, I can't say I'm surprised. It's bright, bold, impactful and strong. And even though it's far from a neutral black/white/tan shade, it somehow still manages to be a universally flattering color.

While no holiday is needed to wear red, it definitely lends a festive feel to an outfit, whether it's something small like earrings or a bag, or something a little bigger, like a sweater. You could, of course, just go big (and not go home) with a full red getup. I'm talking booties, red pantsuit, red sunnies, red lip....full on red everyyyythang. What do you guys think? Too intense, or are you red(y) (See what I did there?!)  for that much color? I meeeeaaaan...#outfitgoals!

Sadly, today is not the day to fulfill those outfit goals. But that doesn't mean I'm still not wearing my fair share of red. This red sweater has been on repeat since I bought it before leaving New York. Most of the time I just throw it on with jeans (case in point), but sometimes I like to jazz it up. Personally, a dressed up sweater and jeans outfit is one of my favorite holiday looks. It's polished and chic, yet still cozy and relaxed. It's perfect for a holiday gathering around the fireplace, a potluck holiday dinner, a festive game night or a casual holiday cocktail get-together. 

Now, of course, you can throw on any old earrings and heels, do your hair up really nice, swipe on some lipstick and you'll look good to go. Orrrrr, you could punch up this casual holiday outfit with monochromatic details. It's unexpected so that right there already ups the dressy factor. It's easier to put together since you're sticking to one color family as opposed to making sure things mix and match correctly. Plus, I'm pretty sure we already established this, but, there's no such thing as too much red, especially for the holidays.

How do you feel about red in your wardrobe? Do you like to save it for holiday outfits, or are you rocking it anytime and any way you can?




the perfect way to make a cozy statement this winter











LEVI'S 501 JeaNS

go with the skinny versus original fit when pairing with a bulkier item like a sweater




















                            a shoe that goes with everything but feels more holiday-ready than the typical neutral suspects (aka black, white or tan shoes); if it's too cold  for heels, try silver booties instead






the easiest way to dress up even the most basic outfit