2018 Get + Give {closed}

2018 Get + Give {closed}

If you were following me last year, you might remember I started something over the holidays called “Get + Give”.

Essentially, it was a giveaway series where one of my lovely readers won a prize from one of my favorite brands + that same brand also donated items for me to give to a charity. Because of this we were able to do things such as bring flowers to a nursing home thanks to The Bouqs, donate new bras and new toiletries to the Downtown Women’s Shelter thanks to Thirdlove and Aveda, and bring books to the local vet’s center thanks to Book of the Month.

While I loved being able to give back to all of you while simultaneously giving back to charities, I wanted to switch up this year’s “Get + Give” and do something a little different. To be totally honest, in my opinion, the last thing Instagram and the great world wide web needs this time of year is another giveaway. We’re all inundated with them. But one thing there’s never enough of, and this world always needs more of, is you giving back of your time, talent and treasure to those less fortunate and in need.

So here’s how this year’s “Get + Give” is going to work-

  1. Let me know your favorite charity in the comments below, or on Instagram, from now, December 1st, 2018 through December 25th, 2018.

  2. I will randomly select two of the charities to give $50 to on December 26th.

That’s it. Easy peezy. You GET to GIVE to your favorite charity.

Now, of course, if you’re inspired to do more and you actually want to take action yourself, I’ve also listed out 25 ways to give back this holiday season, below.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your favorite charities and having you join me in this season of giving! xx


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  1. Spend a few hours cleaning up a local park, beach or outdoor area. Bonus- gather friends to get involved.

  2. Adopt a family over the holidays. {;;;

  3. Donate cold weather gear (think: sweaters, winter jackets, gloves, hats, sleeping bags, etc.) to a homeless shelter.

  4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen to prepare and/or serve a hot meal.

  5. Donate a gift and/or volunteer to wrap presents or respond to letters for underprivileged children, a child in an orphanage or a child with a parent(s) in prison. { ;}

  6. Donate books to a local vets center or hospital.

  7. Bring festive floral arrangements to a local hospital or nursing home.

  8. Gather a group of friends and go caroling at a local nursing home or children’s hospital.

  9. Host a cozy soup night for friends and have everyone bring canned goods to donate to a local food shelter.

  10. Instead of going on a coffee or cocktail date with a friend, go volunteer together.

  11. Bring gently used blankets, sheets and towels to an animal shelter.

  12. Write holiday cards to service men and women stationed abroad {additional ways to volunteer for those in the military can be found here}.

  13. Buy coffee for the person in line behind or in front of you.

  14. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.

  15. Bring holiday cookies to your local fire or police station.

  16. Tip extra to a waiter or waitress.

  17. Assemble toiletry bags and bring them to a local homeless shelter.

  18. Buy a gift that gives back {think things like a pair of TOM’S, Sackcloth + Ashes Blankets, Warby Parker glasses, etc}.

  19. Donate unused, new makeup, toiletries and feminine care products to a women’s shelter.

  20. Consider getting one extra item whenever you go shopping this season i.e. if you run to the grocery store, grab an extra canned product for a shelter, if you’re ordering something on Amazon, also purchase something from a charity’s wishlist, if you’re at Target, grab a package of socks for a shelter, etc.

  21. Invite a friend, co-worker or local college students that may not have family close by over for a meal or out for dinner.

  22. Instead of an office gift exchange, suggest bringing in gifts for a local children’s hospital/orphanage/shelter.

  23. Making a cozy dinner? Double the recipe and deliver the extra to a new mom, a homebound friend, an elderly neighbor, etc.

  24. Make cards to be included in deliveries for your local chapter of Meals on Wheels.

  25. Buy a gift or a blanket for someone at a nursing home who may not have any family.