65 Acts of Kindness

65 Acts of Kindness

Writing + performing acts of kindness isn’t a new concept,

and I’ve even shared a few acts of kindness lists in the past. But lately, it just feels like the world could use a little extra kindness. So today’s post is all about little ways you can brighten someone else’s day and spread love and kindness to those around you. I’m starting the list at 65 ideas, but will be updating it on a rolling basis as new ideas come up. Some of the ideas on this list are ones that I’ve shared in the past, and some are new. Some are ones I’ve personally done, some are ones I’ve heard of others doing. Some work for those of us who live in a city, some work for those of us who live in a neighborhood, some work for those of us that have lots of co-workers. I’ve also included plenty of activities that require nothing from you, monetary or time-wise, because, believe it or not, you don’t actually need anything at all, money, lots of clothes, excess food, or tons of time, to be a kind person and spread kindness to those around you. Something as simple as a smile and a “Have a great day!” goes a long way. In other words, there are no excuses. Kindness is a gift we can all afford to give. So, get out there and be kind!

P.S. In the spirit of today’s post, I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you reading this post, reading my site every day, following along on social media, subscribing to my newsletter, interacting, sending me DMs, leaving messages, trying my recipes, sharing my recommendations…it truly touches my heart and makes me day more than I can ever put into words. Thank you!

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65 acts of kindness

I’d love to know, what are some of your favorite Acts of Kindness to perform?

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  1. Smile at a stranger

  2. Tell someone to have a nice day

  3. Tip extra on a restaurant bill

  4. Order someone takeout (maybe someone who is recovering from surgery and can’t cook, or a family that just had a baby or just moved)

  5. Donate to a charity

  6. Set your Amazon account to donate to a charity every time you make a purchase

  7. Purchase coffee for the person behind you in line

  8. Hold the door for someone

  9. Give up your seat for someone on the subway or bus

  10. Purchase movie tickets for the person behind you in line

  11. If you see an elderly person or new mom at the grocery store, offer to push their cart to their car + help them unload their groceries

  12. Share something from your garden with a neighbor

  13. Mow a neighbor’s lawn

  14. Wash a neighbor’s car

  15. Mow the lawn for someone who is disabled or homebound

  16. Support a friend’s business (give them a social media shout-out, buy their book or product, stop into their shop, etc.)

  17. Give a social media shout-out to someone who is inspiring you

  18. Leave a kind comment on the last photo of every person who commented on your last photo on Instagram

  19. Bring a co-worker their favorite snack or drink

  20. Leave an envelop with a kind note + $5 bill somewhere random (like a grocery store shelf)

  21. If you’re out to eat and see someone eating alone (and it doesn’t look like they want to be left alone) invite them to eat with you

  22. If someone is rude to you, respond with kindness. Just a simple wave and “Have a nice day!” will do.

  23. Get up a few minutes early and make coffee or breakfast for your partner

  24. Leave a simple, kind note (something like “Have a great day!” or “You’re going to do an amazing job with your presentation!”) in your kid’s lunch box or your partner’s lunch bag

  25. Send someone a letter or postcard via snail mail (because trust me, nothing says kindness quite like getting something besides a bill or coupon mailers in your mailbox)

  26. Write an inspirational quote on a sticky note and place it in a library book before returning it

  27. Leave quarters in the washing machine/dryer for the next person to do a load of laundry

  28. Let the person behind you in the grocery line go first

  29. Give someone a compliment (and not just something about looks)

  30. If you have great customer service, take a few minutes to tell the employee’s manager

  31. Donate old sheets and towels to an animal shelter

  32. Donate gently used clothes and shoes to a homeless shelter

  33. Next time you’re grocery shopping pick up a few extra canned and dry goods items, then drop them off at a soup kitchen on your way home

  34. Give someone a hug

  35. Bake cookies or muffins for a neighbor

  36. Surprise your partner by coming by their office for an impromptu coffee or lunch date

  37. Next time you’re at a park, the beach or on a walk, bring a bag to collect trash

  38. Sell gently used clothes at second hand stores or on apps like Poshmark, then donate the proceeds to a charity in need

  39. Take time to talk to and/or include someone who may be new to your office/school, etc.

  40. Stop to offer directions to someone who looks like they might be lost

  41. Leave extra parking in the meter of your parking spot for the next person to use

  42. Buy a bouquet of roses, then hand out individual stems to strangers

  43. Offer to watch friend’s baby so they can grab a cup of coffee alone, attend a workout class, etc.

  44. When putting away your grocery cart, offer to put away someone else’s cart, too

  45. If you are inspired by someone’s blog post, stories or a caption, tell them!

  46. If you share something inspired by your favorite blogger or a post you saw, give credit where credit is due

  47. Do a chore that your spouse typically does (like take out the trash, unload the dishwasher, etc.)

  48. Surprise someone with a subscription to a magazine you know they’ve been eyeing

  49. Take out or bring in a neighbor’s trash can along with your own

  50. Pick up a neighbor’s newspaper and bring it to their front door

  51. Pick up breakfast treats for your office or team

  52. Pack two lunches, one for you and one to give to someone in need

  53. Leave a positive note tucked into someone’s windshield

  54. Leave coupons you aren’t using by the appropriate products in the grocery store

  55. Remember people’s names and use them (whether it’s your door man, the office receptionist, the barista at your local coffee shop, or your mailman)

  56. Buy a few bouquets of flowers and drop them off at a local nursing home for them to distribute to the residents

  57. Spend time with someone you know who might be homebound (you can offer to read with them, play a board game, have a meal, or just hang out)

  58. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to charity

  59. Donate your used books to a military vet center or vet hospital

  60. Send someone you haven’t heard from in a while a quick text to say you’re thinking of them and you hope all is well

  61. If you see someone sitting next to you on an airplane is traveling with someone else, but they aren’t seated next to each other, offer to trade seats

  62. Offer to pick-up someone’s prescriptions if they are homebound, recovering or elderly

  63. Offer to drive an elderly neighbor or person in your life to run some simple errands, like the bank or the post office

  64. Help someone put their luggage in the overhead bin on an airplane

  65. Share your favorite charity on your Instagram stories with the “Donation” button so other’s can contribute to a cause you are passionate about