Newport Travel Guide

Newport Travel Guide

Mr. RC and I seem to find ourselves in Rhode Island, particularly Newport, several times a year. Not only is it a beautiful state, it's also the place that Mr.RC went to college so it's a particular special spot for him to visit. After all our trips there, I figured it was high time I made and considering the hot spot that it has become in recent years, I'm hoping that you guys will find this helpful. FYI, Newport is a great spot to visit no matter what time of year. In fact, Okctoberfest, one of my favorite things to do in Newport, is coming up next month, so clearly this is not just a summer town. On a different note, I'm testing out some new layouts and features with this guide. We have big plans to for the 'Wander' section of RC coming up next year so, in preparation, we're beginning to implement some new things in a hopes to make it better/easier/less cluttered for you. We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you like how the sliders look (which, by the way, you can still click on each picture as it slides through if you wish to pin it), or if you prefer all of the pictures in the post. We would also love to hear if there are any of features you would like to see in the travel section, more or less information, more or less pictures, a different format or layout, etc. Please let us know in the comments.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this travel guide to Newport!


WEAR True to its New England location, you'll find plenty of preppy, nautical attire (think: polos, colored shorts, pull-overs). Depending on the time of year, there are a few different things that I like to bring/recommend. Summertime is perfect for maxi dresses, rompers and linen pants/shorts/shirts. For spring and fall, I recommend long sleeves, pants and layers (sweaters, light jackets, etc). No matter what season it is, don't forget your stripes! Oh, and ditch the heels. Newport is a walking town so the only thing you'll want on your feet is a comfy pair of walking shoes. If you do want to get a bit dressier for dinner, go with wedges. (You can see outfits I wore in Newport here and here.)



Brunch: Clarke Cooke House (only served on Sundays)

Lunch: The Red Parrot, Midtown Oyster Bar

Dinner: The Black Pearl, Castle Hill Inn

Day Drinks: Midtown Oyster Bar (sit on their second floor deck), Skiff Bar

Sunset Drinks: On the lawn at Castle Hill Inn

Treats: Del's Lemonade, Cupcake Charlie's, Cold Fusion Gelato, The Cookie Jar

Claim to Fames That You Shouldn't Miss: Del's Frozen Lemonade, Clam Cakes (which taste best dipped into clam chowder), Coffee Milk (not to be confused with coffee that has milk in it)


DWELL We love staying at the Marriott (you might have seen me previously talk about it here). It's located close enough to everything that you can easily walk to everything, but it's just far enough that you're away from the crowds. Don't miss their Skiff Bar for a place to enjoy drinks while overlooking the marina.



Drive on Bellevue Avenue and set yourself some serious house goals (and wonder why you didn't go to Salve Regina for college)

Tour the Newport Mansions (Doris Duke's Rough Point home is my favorite)

Take a hike on the Cliff Walk (also a great way to see some of the mansions from a different point of view)

Rent scooters for a different way to get around the town

Do some shopping on Thames Street (Some of my favorites include Pretty Young ThingsSunya, Newport Seafood Trading Co.)

Take a boat tour of the harbor

Rent bikes (FYI, the Marriott rents bikes out for a small $5 donation, which goes to the children's hospital) and ride out to Goat Island

Sit on the hill and watch the sunset over Narragansett Bay from Castle Hill Inn

Visit the church where JFK and Jackie O got married, which also happens to be the oldest Catholic church in Rhode Island (it was established in 1828); it's also where Mr. RC and I got to church if we happen to be in town on a Sunday

Check out one of Newport's many festivals, concerts and events (some notable ones include Newport Folk Fest, Oktoberfest and the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival)


RC TIPS Early spring and late fall are beautiful times to visit Newport. While you may miss out on some summer-themed activities (like going to the beach), there will be a far less people to deal with and hotel rates will be lower.

Dinner reservations are a must if you plan to eat at any of the popular restaurants on Thames St. (Black Pearl, Bowens 22, The Mooring, etc).