7 Beach House Hostess Gift Ideas

7 Beach House Hostess Gift Ideas

Beach house stays are as much a part of summer as bikinis, rosé and cookouts. While some of us our lucky enough to have our own beach front homes (Hi! Can we be friends?! I promise to bring drinks and food!), many of us simply will rent a spot on the beach, or have friends to stay with (also lucky). With these options it means that, more often than not, you're not only packing up a bikini for your summer getaways but your also packing up a present.

Thinking of bringing a bottle of wine to your beach house host? Beach, puh-lease! You know you can do better! Candles, flowers, potted herbs, wine, they certainly all make great hostess gifts that anyone would love, but sometimes those things can get a little bit "everyone does them", if you know what I mean. With that in mind, I've rounded up a few alternative, appropriately themed, hostess gift ideas that'll be sure you get invited back again and again.


Pineapples || For a friend opening their home to you, there could not be a more appropriate gift to give. Pineapples symbolize warmth, welcome, hospitality and friendship (aka "hostess" is written all over them) and let's be real, who doesn't love tropical fruit in the summertime?! For an added bonus, gift the pineapple in a nice serving bowl.


Beach Towels || I don't own a beach house, but I've certainly stayed at my fair share, and I can tell you this- no one can ever have too many beach towels! Roll them up, stick them in a cute beach bag and you're good to go and gift!


Gift Card to a Bookstore || It's a pretty safe bet that anyone who owns a beach house, enjoys reading on the beach. Instead of grabbing a few books in the hopes that your host doesn't already have them, give a bookstore gift card instead to allow them to choose their next few beach reads.


Homemade Granola & A Few Extra Toppings (or a Set of Cute Bowls) || Giving a host food is great and all, but giving them breakfast means you're not only giving them food, you're also giving them the gift of not having to worry about a meal. Of course, the granola doesn't have to be homemade but that certainly adds an extra special touch. For additional toppings, include chocolate chips, coconut, some nuts and fresh fruit.


Candle Making Kit || My shell collection is out of control and, again, I don't even own a beach property. So imagine the shell collections of those who do. Of course, after a while, the shells start to pile up and it's easy to run out of places to put them or things to do with them. By putting together a few simple things easily found online or at your local craft store, you can give someone a shell candle making kit. Not only is it a great way to give old shells new life, it's also a fun activity to enjoyed by young and old people alike. For the kit, I would suggest including: instructionswicks (if you want to go the extra mile, you can simply remove the wicks from tea light candles, as they're the perfect size for shells) and wax. Alternatively, you can buy a candle making kit. Just don't forget to print off and add in the instructions specifically for making shell candles.


S'Mores Kit || What beach house doesn't have a fire pit?! And who doesn't love s'mores?! Pack up all the makings for this delicious dessert (graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, sticks, napkins) in a cute box and I guarantee everyone at the beach house will be a happy camper. FYI, you can get extra fancy and include homemade graham crackers, homemade marshmallows and artisanal chocolate in different flavors. No time to build your own? Grab this artisanal kit or this dulce de leche version instead.


Picnic Basket || Whether you gift a picnic basket stocked with non-perishable goodies (like wine, crackers, cookies, serving ware, etc) or just as is, it's definitely a gift that will be well received and frequently used. I mean, let's be real, if you don't need a picnic basket because you aren't picnicking in the summer, than you just aren't living well!

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