The Best Greek Yogurt Taste-Off

Yoplait vs. Chobani When you spend as much time in the kitchen as we do, you learn to have a bit of fun with your food. Case in point, Mr.RC had never heard of the Italian trick of testing pasta for done-ness by seeing if it sticks when thrown against a wall. I happily agreed to show him. I mean an actual justified reason to throw food around? Nobody better stand in my way! Another fun + food combo we came up with is giving each other new culinary treats to try. I know, doesn’t sound that fun, right? But get this, the person doing the eating has to be blindfolded! I’m not sure if it’s more fun to have a taste-off or funny to watch someone try to eat while blindfolded, but either way, it makes for a great stay-in date.

For our most recent blindfolded culinary adventure we decided to find the best Greek yogurt. Up to the plate (or should I say bowl?)? Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry Yogurt and Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry. Now, since traveling to Greece I’ve become much pickier about my Greek yogurt, so I had some pretty high exceptions going into this Yoplait taste-off. In fact, I was almost 99% sure I was going to like Chobani better. Until I actually tried it….that picture, of that sour face, that was not staged (nor was it me making a face at my husband, surprisingly). Nope, that was just how much I didn’t like the Chobani (talk about a picture being worth a thousand words). But the smooth, sweet and fruity Yoplait? Now that’s a winner! And since my husband completely agreed with me, you know I must be right ;)

Yoplait Greek 100 Taste-Off The Best Greek yogurt Chobani yogurt Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt #TasteOff Yoplait taste test The best greek yogurt Yoplait  Greek 100 Strawberry Yogurt Yoplait Taste-Off Yoplait taste-off So now that we’ve taken the Yoplait taste test, it’s your turn. Who will be your winner in the Yoplait vs. Chobani #tasteoff?

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Happy Hour

Cafe' Luluc {The view from our new favorite brunch spot}

YOU GUYS. BIG news! I drove a car for the first time in more than 3 years…..for more than a block. Like through actual traffic lights, and next to other cars, and even on the highway *gasp*. I nearly died (mentally, not physically), probably almost hit 3 cars, and managed to have like 57.789 panic attacks…..but I made it home! In other news, we got a new car (in case you couldn’t figure it out from all the above rambling). Since that’s way more excitement than this old lady can handle in one week, I’m off to take a nap…. 

Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf {Bright white and blue accessories for spring}

Easter chocolates {Leftover Easter chocolates from my Mom}

fireworks {One of the great things of our apartment location- getting a perfect view of the regular fireworks shows in the NY harbor}

Baublebar Rabbit Ring Tree {I didn’t get a chocolate bunny this year, but one having to do with jewelry isn’t a bad option either}

Take time to be thankful quote {A reminder to always stay thankful and grounded, no matter where life takes you}

5 Ways To Relax

La Marca This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of La Marca Prosecco. It is intended for an audience over 21 years of age.

When life gets a little crazy (or, as of late, a lot of crazy), it can be hard for me to calm down. But over the years I’ve managed to find a few stress-relief “sweet spots”, in other words, the things that get me to wind down and put the sparkle back into life.

La Marca prosecco La Marca ways to relax La Marca H&M blue shirt summer outfit 1. Nothing gets me relaxed like a good glass of bubbly! In fact, now that I think of it, every way I like to relax is better when paired with a little bubbly. It may seem like such a small thing, but it has such a luxurious impact. One of my favorite brands is La Marca Prosecco. It’s smooth, sweet, and delicious. Not only is it available throughout the country (find a nearby retailer here), but it also has an affordable price point (around $17), making this an accessible luxury anytime I need to relax (also, making it my favorite thing about the them). You can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

5 ways to relax 2. Because my husband and I are nearly inseparable, it would seem that in order to relax, I would need some time away from him. However, just the opposite is true. Spending time with my husband is one of my favorite ways to relax. Some of the things we love to do together to unwind include cooking, walking, traveling, drawing, playing scrabble, and reading (particularly on Sunday afternoons, under the afternoon sun, after a picnic).

how to relax blue shirt and white jeans 3. I’ve been journaling for as long as I could write. In fact, I have boxes filled with tons of my old journals (which I’m sure are filled with juicy secrets like how many chocolate eggs I would sneak from my sister’s Easter basket). Journaling has helped me through sad and difficult times and rejoiced with me in happy times. It listens to everything I need to say, even if I need to say it 1,000 times. It has nurtured my love for writing, and it probably explains why I enjoy blogging so much. Anytime I feel off balance and flustered, I take a step back, find a quite spot, and pour my thoughts out onto paper. I always feel better.

blue nailpolish 4. Every week, I pencil in an hour or so to do things like paint my nails, give myself a facial, and put on a hair mask. I try to avoid e-mail, work and social media, and truly bask in the quietness of unplugging.

La Marca 5. Last, but certainly not least, anytime I need to relax, I head to the kitchen. There is nothing that baking and cooking can’t fix, especially if I’m drinking a little glass of bubbly while doing so!

Do you like to relax with a nice glass of bubbly? What are some of your other favorite ways to relax?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of La Marca Prosecco. It is intended for an audience over 21 years of age.

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A Marilyn Moment

spring outfits At first glance, this post appears to have nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe. Just as this skirt, at first glance, appears to be a harmless pink skirt. But oh how looks can be deceiving. Midway through taking outfit photos, my skirt decided to have a total Marilyn moment. Like full on blew up in my face. Yup. Obviously someone should have put this warning on the label: “Extreme wind will cause Marilyn moment”, instead of letting poor souls like myself find out in the middle of taking pictures in busy neighborhoods. On the bright side, the week is all up hill from here…

pink skirt and grey shirt pink skirt Peter Som for Kohl's Peter Som for Kohl's Peter Som for Kohls Sweatshirt street style fashion blogger {Caught snapping a picture for Instagram!}

Peter Som for Kohl’s Sweatshirt c/o // H&M Skirt (in stores) & Sunnies // F21 Shoes // Bracelet from Santorini // Vintage Clutch

Storytelling Through Style- The Other Woman

The Other Woman It’s no secret that I’m all about finding the fashionable side of everything, be it food, decorating, travel, and even movies. In fact, observing the wardrobes of the characters is one of my favorite things about watching a movie. And, of course, no wardrobe chat would be complete without bringing up the legendary Patricia Fields (oh hey Sex and the City). Lucky for me, I got to combine all of those things into one fun girl’s night out with Jessica!

After some champs, candy and popcorn (obvi), we settled in for a screening of The Other Woman (which had me laughing hysterically, by the way). And then we got down to fashion business! Patricia dished on everything from the wardrobe process (“It’s not a fashion show, it’s about being involved in the storytelling”), to creating each individual character’s style (“Every character is one of a kind, including myself”), and how she describes her own style (“I hate trends”). As for the fashion theme of the characters in the movie, Carly (played by Cameron Diaz) was perfectly polished, downtown, working girl chic, Kate (played by Leslie Mann) was a Charlotte/Stepford wives prim and proper type, Amber (played by Kate Upton) had a great relaxed, beachy vibe going on, and Lydia (played by Nicki Minaj) was all about bold prints and colors. While all their looks killed it, I’d have to say, Cameron was my favorite (after all, Cameron was the reason Patricia signed on to do the movie).

Are you planning to see the movie when it comes out on April 25th? I highly recommend grabbing a couple of girlfriends, getting all dolled up and making a night of it. I mean, how could you not want to after you watch this: 

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