Neutral Territory

Neutral Step || Runway Chef

It’s funny. I used to be somewhat of a chameleon of style. Some days I loved a boho vibe, other days I went glam, and still other days (I’m cringing as I say this one), I straight up wore sweats and didn’t even bother to care. Back to the prehistoric times where blogging didn’t exist,…

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Cinco de Drinko

Cinco de Drinko {Sorbet-rita} || Runway Chef

Did someone say “Cinco de Mayo”? Because I’m pretty sure I heard “Cinco de Drinko all-the-margaritas-that-you-can”. Man, do I love a good themed holiday. And when said holiday centers around one of my favorite beverages, even better! In anticipation of the upcoming festivities, here are a few of my favorite ways to fiesta! Sorbet-rita (pictured above)// Sorbet…

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour || Runway Chef

{A rose-colored view of the Brooklyn Bridge} Not to be all debbie downer on a post that’s about happy things, but did you guys here that Gil died??????!!!!! And if you don’t know who Gil is, then don’t even talk to me right now. I’m still in the utter depths of despair over the death…

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Yogurt Cookies

Yogurt Cookies || Runway Chef

It doesn’t matter if it’s bikini season or snow suit season, my cookie cravings never change. I do, however, err on the side of lighter cookies (is that even possible with baked goods?!) once the temps get warmer. These yogurt cookies fit the bill perfectly. They’re super light and moist and bite-sized so you can reach for them…

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Southern Style

Southern Style || Runway Chef

Do you ever find yourself thinking, writing or even attempting to talk in emojis? Mmmmk, just me?? (Someone-spends-too-much-time-on-social-media problems.) If you think about it, emojis are kind of like the modern day hieroglyphics. Growing up, I had a hieroglyphics stamp kit (oh yes I did!) and it was pretty much my favorite thing ever. I…

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