Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip

Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip @runwaychef #appetizers I’m literally at a loss for words. Not because I don’t have anything to say (believe me….I have plenty to say). Instead, it’s because of this dip. This gouda, bacon and beer cheese dip is so good it has literally put my tongue and my tastebuds into one ridiculous food coma and I can’t even formulate a proper sentence. So I’m breaking it down for you and giving you only the most important of details. 1) Cheeeeese. Gouda. Smoked. Get on it. 2) Bacon. We’ve gone over this a million times. Everything is better with bacon. 3) Beer. Because….because…just because?! It’s like so many bad-for-you ingredients combined into one deliciously good dip that I can’t even deal.

P.S. Stay tuned for a fun beer post coming up that will be perfect paired with this cheese dip.

P.S.S. If you want to make homemade pretzels to go with your dip, I recommend this one.

Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip @runwaychef #appetizers Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip @runwaychef #appetizers Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip @runwaychef #appetizers Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip @runwaychef #appetizers

Gouda, Bacon & Beer Cheese Dip
A warm fall treat to serve with pretzels or crackers as a snack or appetizer
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 4 slices of bacon (I used a smoked, thick-cut bacon)
  2. 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  3. 1/2 cup milk (I used 2%)
  4. 3/4 cup ale (or other type of dark beer)
  5. 1 heaping teaspoon of Dijon mustard
  6. 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  7. 1 teaspoon hot sauce
  8. 1 1/2 cups smoked Gouda cheese, grated
  9. Salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Begin by chopping the bacon into bite size pieces. Then toss it into a large saucepan set over medium heat. Cook for about 10 minutes, or until it gets brown and crispy, stirring every few minutes. Once the bacon is done cooking, remove the pieces to a paper towel and set them aside.
  2. To the bacon fat add the flour and cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes. Slowly whisk in the milk and beer. Next add the mustard, Worcestershire and hot sauce. Turn the heat up to medium-high and continue whisking until the mixture thickens, about 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Begin adding the cheese about a 1/4 cup at a time, making sure each batch of cheese has melted before adding the next one. Continue whisking until the cheese is all melted. If there are any lumps remaining, you can always use an immersion blender to smooth the dip out. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately.
  1. Serve with pretzels or crackers. While I typically prefer homemade soft pretzels, you can also use store bought ones if you're short on time. They sell them in large or nugget size in the freezer section and take just a few minutes to heat up. If I do use the store bought pretzels, I like to jazz them up by brushing them with melted butter, then sprinkling them with salt flakes, minced dried garlic and/or herbs like chives or parsley before heating them in the oven.
  2. Store leftover cheese dip in an airtight container for up to 5 days in the fridge. Reheat in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly.
Adapted from Williams & Sonoma
Adapted from Williams & Sonoma
Runway Chef http://www.runwaychef.com/
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As If….

Paris Schoolgirl || Gingham shirt, Chanel-like jacket, black skirt  and knee-high socks @runwaychef All’s I could think when I put on this outfit was how Parisian it made me feel. However, those pleasant Parisian thoughts were immediately interrupted with an “As if!”, because knee-high socks, total “Clueless” move. While this isn’t the outfit you’ll see me reaching for on the regular (this outfit is more my daily speed), that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun with my style. I’ve been lusting after Paris something fierce so clearly those dreams manifested in the form of this outfit. I’m not sure how the gingham print ended up in there, but there it is. And the knee-high sock trend everyone is rocking as of late? Puhhhh-lease. I’ve got those knee-highs on lockdown. I’ve been rocking them since camp in the 5th grade (I think I even got a few of the boys to pull their soccer socks up to their knees….I’m just such a trendsetter, what can I say?!). In the words of Mr. RC, I look like a “Clueless Parisian schoolgirl.” As if…..

P.S. You can see how else I styled knee-highs, as well as 2 other ways to wear tights, here.

Paris Schoolgirl || Gingham shirt, Chanel-like jacket, black skirt  and knee-high socks @runwaychef Paris Schoolgirl || Gingham shirt, Chanel-like jacket, black skirt  and knee-high socks @runwaychef Paris Schoolgirl || Gingham shirt, Chanel-like jacket, black skirt  and knee-high socks @runwaychef Paris Schoolgirl || Gingham shirt, Chanel-like jacket, black skirt  and knee-high socks @runwaychef Vintage Jacket // Target Gingham Shirt (borrowed from the hubs, similar here) // H&M Skirt // Kushyfoot Knee-Highs c/o // Giuseppe Zanotti // Chanel Bag

Morning Skin Care Boost

Olay Fresh Effects {Soak Up The Sun Protection} || Runway Chef #beauty #skincare #FreshToSchool For me, my morning routine starts with getting a full 8 hours of sleep, or at least in my dream world it does. Unfortunately, the reality is that I have a wandering mind, noisy neighbors, and a New York City apartment, so I consider myself lucky when I get 6-7 hours of sleep. To make up for my lack of sleep, I try to live a very healthy lifestyle. I take vitamins, drink lots of water, workout every day, start my day with fresh fruit and hot tea, and fill my plate with as many organic, whole foods as I can. But sometimes, even that isn’t enough. To get an extra boost I rely on skin care products. I’m sure you all remember me talking about my crazy skin allergies, so the search to find products that are both safe for my skin AND beneficial isn’t always easy. However, I was recently introduced to a product that does not upset my skin, but it is also perfect for rejuvenating after nights with little sleep. Olay Fresh Effects {Soak Up The Sun Protection!} Lightweight Moisturizing Sunscreen is beauty sleep in a bottle (minus the sleep part). It’s infused with the essence of honeysuckle and white tea, which helps your skin to look refreshed and ready to face the day. It also has SPF 15 in it. I feel good using this product knowing that I am nourishing my skin and helping it to stay beautifully protected.

What is your morning routine like and how do you make up for a lack of sleep? Do you use the Olay Fresh Effects products?

Olay Fresh Effects {Soak Up The Sun Protection} || Runway Chef #beauty #skincare #FreshToSchool Olay Fresh Effects {Soak Up The Sun Protection} || Runway Chef #beauty #skincare #FreshToSchool Olay Fresh Effects {Soak Up The Sun Protection} || Runway Chef #beauty #skincare #FreshToSchool Olay Fresh Effects {Soak Up The Sun Protection} || Runway Chef #beauty #skincare #FreshToSchool This post was sponsored by Olay Fresh Effects through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Olay Fresh Effects, all opinions are my own.

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her

2nd Anniversary Gifts for Her @runwaychef #anniversary #giftideas Last week I shared 2nd anniversary gifts for men, but let’s be honest, we all know it’s really the men who need help finding gifts for the women ;) So men, if you’re getting ready to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary her are a few gift ideas to get your lady based on the traditional theme of ‘cotton’. And ladies, feel free to share/tweet/email/Facebook/send-by-carrier-pigeon this post to your husband…a couple subtle (or not so subtle) hints never hurt nobody!

1. A Bouquet of Cotton Stems in a pretty vase

2. Cotton Scented Candle 

3. His Hers Pillows (a joint gift that will make a woman far happier than the man)

4. Cotton Candy (yes this was on the list for men, but let’s be honest, EVERYONE likes cotton candy + you could always give it in the “gift bag” of a designer handbag, just saying’….)

5. Sheets (another good idea for a “joint” gift)

6. Bathrobe (You can even get it personalized with initials; also, think about pairing it with soft slippers and a nice eye mask or even a spa day) 

You can see ideas for 1st anniversary gifts for women here.

Happy Hour

Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour {A day at the farm}

If you don’t like farms or farming or farm animals then a) what is wrong with you (baby farm animals are basically the cutest thing since forever)?! and b) you probably won’t want to read today’s post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Unless you’ve been hiding out on Pluto, I’m sure you saw that the Mr. and I celebrated our anniversary on Monday. Anything to do with my guy has me full of smiles, but getting to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together made me seriously happy, hence why the focus of this week’s happy hour is tidbits from our weekend. We kept things pretty local and low key, but we did go on a few day trips. One of our day trips happened to be to the Queens County Farm. Who knew you could see cows and city buildings in the same view?! The farm was full of animals, families with kids….and us, the couple celebrating their anniversary. I think we were more entertained by the chickens than all the kids were and Mr. RC couldn’t stop taking pictures (of the chickens, not the kids). So just to summarize, we spent our anniversary with a bunch of farm animals and kids, acting like we were 5. It’s totally cool. And hey, when you love someone, everything you do together is special and fun, right?!

P.S. Now we want to buy a farm, but until then….how do you think chickens would go over in our Brooklyn backyard?! No???! No??!

cotton plant at Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Found a cotton plant on the farm, which was fitting since 2nd anniversary gifts are traditionally supposed to be cotton}

chickens at Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour {Some of our favorite farm animals}

sheep at Queen's County Farm || Runway Chef Happy Hour Buvette Bike || Runway Chef Happy Hour {The Buvette bike and a basket full of corks}

Happy Hour - A Weekly Round-up of Happy Things on Runway Chef {Obligatory anniversary picture}

Oscar Wilde love quote {Picture from our engagement session by Ian Holmes}