DIY Gold Silverware

DIY Gold Silverware

It should come as no surprise that if something comes in gold, it's probably high on my list of things to buy (much to the dismay of my husband). This silverware set was no exception. However, silverware isn't really high on my splurge list (unless Chanel comes out with a set, of course!). Nonetheless, I just had to have my gold silverware. I mean I had to make my food pictures look pretty, right?! Side note- when you become a food blogger/food photographer the regular plates, mismatched silverware, and paper napkins that never used to bother you, suddenly become the biggest of eyesores. Anyways, when I make up my mind that I just have to have something, well, then, I just have to have it. So I turned to my trusty can of gold spray paint, bought an inexpensive set of silverware, and voila. This DIY gold silverware is by far the easiest and least expensive (less than $10 total) DIY I've done in a while. And also the prettiest, but then again, what does't look prettier with gold spray paint?!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Supplies Silverware (This cost only $4 at Ikea, but the $11.99 Amazon price isn't bad either) Gold Spray PaintClear SealerBox Cutter (scissors or a knife would also work) Cardboard Box (or painters tape and ziplock bag)


1. Clean and dry your silverware.

2. On one flap (or two, depending on the amount of silverware) of the cardboard box, use your box cutter to cut small slits (about 1" long) for each piece of silverware you have, making sure to leave ample space around each slit.

3. Push each piece of silverware down through a slit, stopping where you want the spray paint to stop. Once all your silverware is in a slit, flip the sides of the box in so that all the stems of the silverware are facing up (see below picture).

4. Spray on the first coat of paint, making sure to hold the can about 8-10 inches away and spraying as evenly as possible. Let it dry for about 10-15 minutes, then give the silverware another coat of paint. Repeat the process one more time for a total of three coats of paint. After the the final coat has dried, spray on a coat of gloss, then let dry for an hour.

(As can be seen in the below picture, an alternative to the cardboard box method is to use painter's tape to mark off your silverware then line it up in a ziplock bag, tape down the bag on either end (as well as in between each piece of silverware), and proceed to spray paint.)


5. Once your silverware is all dry, wash it prior to using. 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS- After receiving several questions about the durability of this silverware, I wanted to ensure you all that, not only do I test things prior to posting, but I have continued using my silverware several times since this has gone live and the gold paint has held up fine. The clear sealant is key to this, as is how the silverware is washed. Here is how I've cleaned my silverware: Hand wash only using a mild detergent. Run over the painted portion of the silverware with the soft side of sponge once or twice. On the unpainted portion of the silverware (or the part you eat with) you can be a little less gentle and scrub as your normally would. Proceed to rinse and dry. I do not have a dishwasher so I can't attest to how it would stand up in one, but I would recommend hand-washing these even if you do have one.

Stay tuned to see how I put this DIY gold silverware to use in next week's Valentine's Day D&D.