Why Rosehip Oil is My Favorite Face Oil

Why Rosehip Oil is My Favorite Face Oil

I’ve tried the expensive ones.

I’ve tried the pure ones. I’ve tried the mixed ones. I’ve tried the affordable ones. I’ve tried ones from fancy brands, and ones you can get at Target. When it comes to face oils, I feel like I have tried them all. And guess which one I liked the best? Hint: it’s not the fancy schmancy one that I had to be on a wait list for and spend over $150 for and that claims to do “allllll the things”. Nope, the best face oil I’ve ever tried is just plain ol’ rosehip oil, aka the oil that comes from the seeds of rose bushes. I have tried several brands, in several price ranges, over the years, and I haven’t had a problem with any of them, but I’ve really been loving the last one I purchased on Amazon from the brand trilogy. In fact, I loved it so much that I’m already planning to re-order it when my current bottle runs out.

Rosehip oil is my favorite face oil for many reasons, but at the top of the list is price point for quality. Unlike many other oils, it’s relatively in-expensive to purchase a pure, organic version. I also love that it feels thick and moisturizing, yet it almost instantly soaks into skin and doesn’t leave a greasy film. It also doesn’t smell overpowering and is great for people with sensitive skin. It also has a list of benefits a mile long. I mean, honestly I’m convinced there is a little miracle working magician in every bottle.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It sounds too good to be true. But I’m telling you, this single product has been a game changer in my skincare routine. In fact, I didn’t realize just how much rosehip oil helped my skin until I stopped using it a few years ago in favor of some of those fancy oils that claimed to do so much more. Turns out more isn’t always better. As soon as I re-introduced rosehip oil to my routine, it was an almost instaneous glowing reaction from my skin. Lesson learned. I will never cheat on my rosehip oil ever again.

Face oils are all the rage right now and there are certainly no shortages on the market, so I figured there was no better time than the present to spill the 411 on rosehip oil and all the reasons why I personally love it oh so much.

*Please keep in mind, everyone’s skin is different and has different needs, so, while this product works wonders for me, it may not be so great for you.

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All the Essentials // Rosehip oil is packed with vitamins A and C and lots of fatty acids aka it’s basically all the skin miracle workers in one.

Even Skin Tone // It has helped my skin tone even out, my blotchy red spots have all but disappeared and many of my scars or brown spots have all but faded (or severely diminished).

Acne Fighting // Not only does this oil not clog my pores, but I’ve actually noticed less acne since using this oil. And, when I am experiencing a break out, I actually skip most of my skin care products in favor of one acne product and then use only rosehip oil as my moisturizer. It’s cut down on acne time and healing, as well as scarring, significantly.

Moisture // Because the oil is packed with fatty acids, the hydration I get from it is insane. In fact, a lot of times when I travel, I leave my moisturizers behind and just bring my rosehip oil because I know it will never fail to leave my skin feeling plump and glowy.

Anti-Aging // Because of the vitamin A and C in this oil, I’ve noticed a significant difference in the lines around my eyes and on my forehead. They’re not completely gone but honestly, I’ll take any and all help I can get.

Brightening // My skin never fails to look bright, dewy and glowing with just a few drops of rosehip oil.

Firming // My skin always feels so much tighter and firmer after using this oil.

Easy Use // I love that this oil never makes my face feel greasy and a few drops go a long way. It means it’s super easy to use, whether I’m home or traveling. It’s also perfect as part of a routine, or if I quickly need to add some moisture to my face, and it even works well for adding a glowy base to any makeup look. It’s also perfect for eliminating products and saving space when traveling since I know this one product can (short term) do the job that usually requires so many other items.