What's in My Carry-On // Beauty Products

What's in My Carry-On // Beauty Products

No matter how long or short a flight is, there are a handful of beauty products that are always packed in my carry-on. Some of the products I have listed below are ones I’ve been using for years, some are more recent finds, and some have become favorites quite by accident (like the 100% Pure eye cream that was a sample + I only threw in my bag because I was out of my other eye cream…it’s now become one of the best eye products I’ve ever used). I will swap out different brands of products, but the actual types of products (i.e. an eye product, a lip balm, etc.) don’t change, and I always make sure to have one of each beauty product (i.e. one serum, one oil, one lotion, etc.) packed in my carry-on.

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  • I always make sure my face is make-up free + cleaned before I even head to the airport.

  • Once I board the plane and am settled into my seat, I start my routine by using a face wipe to cleanse my face. I then apply a treatment/serum, followed by a hefty amount of oil rubbed on my skin, lips, eye lids and even hair. Next, I add a thick layer of a leave-on mask or face cream, as well as an eye cream and a swipe of lip balm. Then I’ll use my jade roller to help de-puff my face as well as ensure that the products are really soaking into my skin. I finish off with generous misting of a spray.

  • Repeat as necessary aka whenever your skin starts to feel dry (which, for me, is every couple of hours).

  • The frankincense essential oil I use for a calming and relaxing effect and to help keep headaches at bay. I usually just do a few drops rubbed into the back of my neck or behind my earlobes at the beginning of a flight, after I do my skincare routine.

  • I try to avoid make-up in-flight, but I like to have concealer and brow gel to freshen up my face after a short flight. For longer flights, I’ll use a few additional products to help me look more put together upon arrival.

  • I usually only apply deodorant and brush my teeth on longer flights, but I still like to always have both products with me, just in case. Same goes for a nail file…I don’t usually need it, but like to have one just in case.

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FACE WIPES // Alba Botanica Anti-Pollution Volcanic Clay Hawaiian Detox Wipes

SERUM // Odacite Acai Rose(an anti-oxidant serum super packed with goodness), Farmacy Honeymoon Glow (resurfaces, clarifies, hydrates aka 3 things we all need on a plane) or The Ordinary Niacinamide (for blemished skin) or Lactic Acid (to help resurface skin).

OIL // Caudalie Detox Oil, CROP Argan Oil or Trilogy Rosehip Oil

LEAVE-ON MOISTURIZING MASK OR EXTRA-THICK CREAM // Embryolisse Anti-Age Mask and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

EYE PRODUCTS // CROP Antioxidant Eye Serum, Embryolisse Radiant Eye Stick, 100% Pure Eye Cream or Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque for Eyes

LIP BALM // Caudalie Lip Conditioner, Nuxe Lip Balm or Glossier Balm Dotcom

REFRESHING SPRAY // Almost always have Caudalie beauty Elixir, but sometimes I use rosewater instead or I also love Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray


CONCEALER // Either W3LL People or RMS

BROW GEL // Currently using Ilia Brow Gel, but also love Boy Brow

For longer flights I also bring mascara, tinted moisturizer and a tinted lip gloss/balm (that can double as cheek color) to help me freshen up before getting off the plane. This is especially helpful if you need to hit the ground running right after landing from an overnight or long flight.








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  • Focus on bringing products that are either super detoxifying/anti-pollution or super hydrating. Planes are basically metal test tubes of nasty recycled air, so you need all the detoxify help you can get, but, since plane air is also super drying, you want to make sure and double down on the hydration front. In other words, detox to retox.

  • Beauty products can be bulky and heavy, often times much bigger than the size allowed through security. Of course, you can always transfer product into travel containers (which I do do with certain things), but that can often be quite messy. So, instead of spending time (and potentially wasting product in the transfer process), just pop by Sephora and ask for samples of the products you’d like to take on the plane. For clean beauty product samples, I go to The Detox Market.

  • Always keep a toiletry bag of all your carry-on beauty product essentials packed. That way you just have to grab it and throw it in your bag before a trip. Just be sure to always restock it after returning from a trip.

  • Pack your products in clear bags. That way it’s not only easy to see what you have, but it’s also super easy to pull out of your luggage at security.

  • To help de-puff and wake-up your face on the flight, ask for a cup of ice. Then just rub one or two over your eyes and skin.

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