What's Ahead for September 2019

What's Ahead for September 2019


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STAY golden

Editor’s Note // September is right up there at the top as one of my favorite months of the year. Fall is just around the corner, but summer still lingers in the air. The days remain warm enough for swimsuits and lemonade, but the evenings beg for light sweaters and cozy bonfires. Everything is golden- the light, the beach, the leaves on the trees, the end of summer peaches, the beginning of fall squash, tan skin, sweaters on top and swimsuits on the bottom, tourist-free destinations. It’s magical, but oh-so-fleeting. Savor it while you can. Drink it in. Stay golden. xx


WEAR Another round of beauty empties + prepping my closet for fall

EAT Squeezing in a few more bites of summer while getting ready for fall’s bounty, sharing a granola recipe and Mr. RC’s Bar Cart coming through with a re-make of a drink we had in NOLA

WANDER A day trip guide to Montecito, 5 things I did in LA last month and a guide to a favorite escape in Upstate New York

DWELL Spilling deets on how I find vintage treasures on Etsy + eBay

GIVE Throwing the first GIVE event this month so September’s GIVE post will be centered on the theme of the event specifically for those who don’t live locally but still want to be involved

WELLNESS Testing a new series that will dive into more meaningful topics through lengthier posts and conversational pieces


Every month we use Pinterest to help us design our monthly mood boards. These boards then act as our guide when it comes to shaping the direction and look of the content for the upcoming month. While I’ve always kept these private in the past, I thought it would be fun to start sharing them with y’all. So, without further ado, peek the SEPTEMBER INSPO BOARD. As you’ll see, the theme is all about dreamy escapes, summer light, linen looks and fresh bites.


Remember earlier this year how I said I was organizing photos? Well apparently I had more to organize than I realized. Aka I’m still organizing my little heart out. Anything to make life easier, especially in the 4th (busiest) quarter of the year. We’re also gearing up for our first ever GIVE event, which is a daunting task, but one I’m thrilled to undertake!


Even though social media is a part of my job, Instagram has been weighing me down more and more with every passing month. Some days it’s all I can do to not delete the app. But I also love the community and connection I have on the app, so I don’t quite want to let it go. So, in an effort to make it work better for me (versus me work for the app), I’m switching up how I do things and implementing a few new social rules. If all goes well, I’ll be sure to share a post with everything I’m doing, for anyone else that might be struggling with Instagram (which, tbh, is probably all of us to some degree).