What's Ahead for July 2019

What's Ahead for July 2019



Soak it all in

Editor’s Note // This month’s theme is all about soaking it in- the sun, the heat, beach days, warm nights, fresh food, spontaneous getaways and, of course, plenty of ice cream. And here on the site I’ll be using these slower months to continue working on catching up on old travel content and updating past recipes to make them the best they can be for you. Thanks for reading and happy July! xx


WEAR A think piece on fashion blogging and how it’s evolved for me, sharing a beauty empties post (and what I will and won’t be re-ordering again) + finally posting my long-promised list of favorite Australian brands to shop

EAT A summery rib recipe that’s smoky + sweet, Mr. RC’s Bar Cart coming through with a re-make of a drink we had in NOLA, updating and re-sharing some old favorite travel-inspired (and perfect for summer) recipes + starting Cooking Couple back up

WANDER A recap on everything we did in New Orleans, updating my coffee shop guide + refreshing some old travel posts

CELEBRATE Summertime entertaining with ease ideas

DWELL Easy organizational updates

WELLNESS What travel really looks like for a content creator + thoughts on how everyone (and their dog) seems to be constantly jetting off these days


Every month we use Pinterest to help us design our monthly mood boards. These boards then act as our guide when it comes to shaping the direction and look of the content for the upcoming month. While I’ve always kept these private in the past, I thought it would be fun to start sharing them with y’all. So, without further ado, you can peek the July inspo board here. As you’ll see, the theme is all about dreamy escapes, summer light, linen looks and fresh bites.


I’m using the slower months of summer to catch up on BTS things (like organizing 6+ years of photos), re-shoot old recipes (because even a good recipe needs a little refresh from time to time) and prepping for an exciting project happening later this year


New month, same story of looking for a different spot to call home. But since that is getting a bit maddening at this point, we’ll also be spending quite a bit of time checking things off from this list to help keep our sanity.