What I Packed for Australia

What I Packed for Australia

Alternatively titled “Everything I stuffed into two suitcases and lugged halfway across the globe to wear in Australia”. I actually did wear almost all of it, so I feel like I was relatively justified in my over-sized, over-weight bags. That is until I realized it was just me, myself and I carrying alllllll of my bags + my lap top + my heavy camera equipment in and out of hotels, planes, cars, boats, all the things. *insert all the crying face emojis* On the plus side, though, I got a pretty good 10-day arm workout. And I’m probably going to become a minimalist blogger….and also teach myself how to pack my entire life in a carry-on (HA!). But I digress…obviously you didn’t click on this post to hear my ramble about over-packing. You clicked because you want to get the nitty gritty deets on what exactly was in said over-weight bags. So here ya go-

As always, the things with an asterisk, are the things I found to be particularly useful/I wore multiple times/reached for again and again throughout the trip.

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  • Converse (instead of Vans)

  • More maxi dresses

  • Little sundresses

  • A beach bag

  • Over-the-shoulder bags

  • More dressy options for Sydney (because my assumption of how casual it would be was totally off)

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*Most of the swimsuits I brought are from Beach2Ocean. Each piece is specifically linked above. Also, if you use code RunwayChef20 you can get 20% off any of those specific swimsuits, or any other ones on their site, excluding any Michael Kors suits (like the one-shoulder white one I mention above).

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