Weekend in A Snap - No. 2

Weekend in A Snap - No. 2

Compared to last weekend, when I launched this new Weekend in a Snap series, this weekend was a real doozy. It was about as exciting as watching paint dry for 48 hours. Translation: not exciting at all. June is shaping up to be one of the craziest work months yet (I feel like I say that every month, but for real, June is about to be off the charts), so we spent most of the weekend working and prepping for the month ahead.  I also spent at least 72% of the weekend wondering how I could clone myself, how I could get 48 hours of work done in 24 hours and whether or not I'll make it from here to July on 5 hours of sleep and 500 pots of coffee. Most would probably hire an assistant at this point, but why would I ever do that when I can continue doing things the hard way?! ;)

How was your weekend? Please tell me it was far more exciting than mine!


Fresh lilacs for the week, rooftop hangs and celebrating #nationalbubblyday by creating my Summer 2017 bucket list A perfect breezy summery off-the-shoulder blouse c/o Tobi.com paired with the sunnies and hoops I can't seem to stop wearing


A fiery sunset after a night of grilling on our rooftop #nofilter


Ending the weekend with a pie date at a favorite local spot, Four & Twenty Blackbirds (FYI, the rhubarb crumble and the honey are my absolute faves!)