Valentine's Day Tablescape

Valentine's Day Tablescape
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A few week's back I shared a little Valentine's date night at home, complete with dinner, desert and the cards to go along with it. The only thing missing? How to decorate your table. But don't worry, I'm spilling all the deets in today's post (as if that wasn't obvious from the title of this post).

When it comes to decor, especially for tablescapes, y'all know I'm a big fan of keeping it simple and using (mostly) things I already have on hand. This Valentine's Day tablescape is no different. I grabbed flowers from my go-to spot (Trader Joe's), moved my desk outside (#thethingsIdoforpictures) and grabbed a few other favorite pieces. I wanted the table to be unfussy and a bit moody, and while I wanted to make it clear it was for Valentine's day, I wasn't about to cover everything in pinks and reds.

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FOR THE FLOWERS: I settled on dusty rose and burgundy hues mixed with my forever favorite, eucalyptus, and a cactus thrown in for good measure. I suggest selecting one hero flower (like the lilies I used here), 2-3 smaller varieties and one greenery to tie it all together. Try to make sure your flowers all have different textures and even slight variations of the same color palette as it will help your arrangements or table to look fuller and more interesting without having to get so many flowers.

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FOR THE DETAILS: I typically like to let my flowers be the focus of the table, and use the other details to merely round out the overall look. To keep the dark and moody feel going, I used black plates (via Ikea), rustic silverware, burgundy candles (You could also use black candles.) and my favorite (and cheapest) accessory ever, a piece of cheesecloth as a base for my table runner. It's definitely not fancy, but when the focus should be on spending time with the ones you love, fancy isn't necessary.

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