11 Things to do in the Fall in NYC

11 Things to do in the Fall in NYC

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably read the title of this post and went "Huh? But I thought you just moved to LA?". And you are not wrong. We've officially arrived in sunny Los Angeles, but if you think that means the end of my New York content or love of the city, you are sorely mistaken. I've got NYC content for days, and while I can't call myself bi-coastal, I know I'll be back on the east coast more thann enough to justify my continued New York content. 

Which brings us to this post, things to do in the fall in NYC. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year in New York. I love it so much that I actually tried to have our move postponed until November just so I could take in New York in all of its' fall glory. You can see how that worked out for me. But since I know fall is finally in full swing back in New York, I'm hoping some of you New Yorkers will enjoy one (or two) of these fall activites for me.

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Halloween Puppy Parade // What's better than a parade of pets dressed up in their Halloween best? Nothing, that's what. Grab a hot coffee and get ready to pick out the best dressed pup.

Go on a Haunted Tour // Full disclosure, we never made it on this tour, even though I desperately wanted to go. That being said, it sounds like it would make for a great spooky adventure, and, did I mention that it's free?! We did, however, do an NYC ghost tour which was both fun and very educational.

Quench Your Thirst with Hot Cider or Hot Chocolate // City Bakery is one of my favorites. Sit inside and warm up, or grab yours to go as you stroll around the city.

Take Yourself (or someone else) on a Cozy Date // There are no shortage of places perfect for a cozy brunch or dinner date, from The Smile to Buvette to Frankie's to Friend of a Farmer to Freeman's to Vinegar Hill. Bonus points if you order soup or stew.

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Take a Drive Upstate or into New England // Some of the best leef peeping is just a quick car ride away. Make a day of it and pack a fall picnic, or stop at a winery for a tasting (just make sure to have a DD for the drive home).

Apple Picking // Apple picking is always a fun activity and it also means a drive upstate which means you'll get to see lots of beautiful fall foliage, too (see point above).

Go for a Central Park Stroll // I'll never forget my first fall in Central Park. The leaves were breathtaking and the photos I took are still some of my favorite city photos that I have. If it's a warmer day, bring a picnic along, or, for cooler temps, grab a hot drink to sip on while your stroll.

Grab a Hard Cider // Between Cider Week and plenty of restaurants that feature extensive cider menus, there's no excuse not to grab a glass. Murray's is great if you'd like to pair your cider with cheese/cheesy foods, but Wassail has a cider focused menu and also Jimmy's No. 43 boast plenty of ciders on their menu.

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Fireplace Hangs // You would be amazed by just how many restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies in the city have fireplaces. They make the perfect hang out spot to work, grab a drink or even just cozy up with a book and some tea for a cool autumn day. Two of my faves are the Marlton Hotel and the Bowery Hotel, but I also really love the one at Fraunces Tavern, especially for happy hour or dinner.

Visit Queens Farm // This one is definitely a good spot for kids, but if you're craving a fall farm scene, apple cider, a pumpkin patch and cider donuts, but don't want to make the trek upstate, this spot is a great option. They even have a corn maze, a haunted house, fall festivals and candlit dinners.

Pumpkin Fest at the Botanical Gardens // Another activity that's probably meant more for kids, but, if you're a pumpkin fanatic then this is worth checking out.

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What's one of your favorite fall things to do in NYC, or wherever you live?