The Story of Mr. Runway Chef

The Story of Mr. Runway Chef

While I try to keep things from getting too personal around here, it is often difficult as I cover so many aspects of my life. As much as I enjoy writing I also try to keep things from getting too wordy. However, this story I'm sharing is without a doubt the most personal, and the closest to a novel, I have ever gotten on the blog. But I've decided to share it for several reasons-it's funny (no really, it is), it has to do with one of the main RC topics, fashion (it may not seem like it, but I promise it does), oh ya and I get to talk about this one guy I know, who just so happens to be my biggest supporter and one of the main reasons why RC is where it is today :)

While many of you know Mr. Runway Chef as the man who takes my photographs, cooks with me, usually never stops talking and is often on the receiving end of my jokes (Sorry babe!), most of you don't know much else about him or how we met. I thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on him a bit mostly because he is such a big part of RC. Oh yeah and tomorrow we hit the 6-month mark (holy $%$%@$@!!).

My first job after college happened to be in retail. I won't say where I was working, but my manager at the time was always telling me I was too good for the store and how I needed to work in higher-end fashion. When she "forced" me to apply at BCBG, I never thought much about it. And when I landed the job, I was only excited because I thought of it as a next step in my fashion career. While it's not often that people say jobs change their lives (especially in retail), this job literally changed my life.

One day, in strolls this guy and.....wait for thought I was going to go all T.Swift and say "Baby it's a love story, just say yes!" Wrong! I was actually incredibly busy with a huge client, so while he didn't take my breath away (at first) it's safe to say that me (and my yellow heels) did take his breath away. Long love story short, my manager's boyfriend was his friend, they set us up on a date and now here we are livin' the good ol' married life. Who knew retail could give you more than a minimum wage paycheck? And that your favorite designer could secretly double as a husband finder??

So Mr. Azria, thank you for allowing us to meet. And Mr. Runway Chef, thank you for being your sneaker obsessed, shopping-on-Poshmark-more-than-me, picture taking, food loving, Runway Chef marketing, life-of-the-party, always-sleeping-like-a-bear self. I couldn't do any of this without you....Also, thank you for no longer dressing like this. That is all!