Tequila-Infused Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffle

Tequila-Infused Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffle

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One of the most decadent and delicious pairings in the world has to be that of chocolate and booze. It’s a rich and indulgent combination that not many can refuse. Case in point, a chocolate pecan bourbon pie, brownies served with a caramel rum sauce or even a spiked chocolate milk shake. I mean, seriously! Who is saying no to any of those??!

One of my absolute favorite ways to indulge in this flavor combination is with boozy truffles. And no, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill, orange or raspberry liquor-filled truffles. What I’m talking about is something a little bit more adventurous, a little more flavorful, a little more indulgent. Case in point, these Altos Tequila-Infused Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles. Inspired by the flavors of Mexican Hot Chocolate (obviously), these truffles are all kinds of smooth and creamy with hints of warmth and smoky spice. I decided on using the plata tequila as its’ smooth flavor blends seamlessly with the chocolate, adding to the overall flavor of the dessert, instead of standing out with the typical bite you’d expect from alcohol. The plata’s slightly sweet and fruity notes don’t hurt, either. The resulting truffles feel incredibly special but really, they’re almost as easy to make as a margarita.

I always enjoy a chance to indulge in liquor outside the glass, so, if it were up to me, I’d say these truffles work year-round as dessert or as a homemade gift. But they’re also perfect for elevating a dinner get-together or reserving them for a special treat. Either way, I don’t think you’ll be finding many complaints when people are getting their tequila in more ways than just their margarita.

For the full recipe for the tequila-infused Mexican hot chocolate truffles, hop on over to Altos's website.


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