Strawberry Hibiscus Granita Cocktails (Inspired by Cozumel Travels)

Strawberry Hibiscus Granita Cocktails (Inspired by Cozumel Travels)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Altos Tequila. All opinions are 100% mine.It’s no secret that I like to travel. Scratch that. I LOVE to travel. Out of all the things I’m passionate about in life, traveling, without a doubt, is at the top of the list.

While I enjoy traveling to see new places, what truly exhilarates me about exploring is living like a local and learning what makes a place, its people and its traditions unique. One of my favorite ways to do this is through food. Food is a common language known the world over. It connects people in a way no dialect can and it helps you learn more about a location than any tour book could ever tell you. I love “speaking” this language by eating local food, eating with locals and shopping local markets, but I also love taking those experiences, those tastes and flavors and those ingredients, and bringing them home with me. It’s truly the best souvenir.

Recently, I was inspired by our time in Cozumel last year, and the agua de Jamaica (water of Jamaica) we were served frequently throughout our stay. Intrigued by the vibrant color and sweet taste, I inquired as to what it was, upon which I learned that it was hibiscus tea. While the locals seemed to view it as a common, everyday drink, I couldn’t get enough of the delicious ruby-colored liquid. It was so good!

As the hot summer months started to roll in this year, I immediately went back to our time in Cozumel, craving a glass of the sweet hibiscus tea with which to quench my thirst. Obviously, hopping down to Mexico wasn’t an option, so I set out to recreate my own tea drink. However, I decided, why have just tea when you can have a cocktail?! Taking additional inspiration from the creative cocktail menu at a favorite Cozumel restaurant, I worked with the smooth flavors of Altos Tequila to create a perfect-for-summer strawberry hibiscus granita cocktail. I chose to use Altos Tequila as it is made from hand-picked Blue Agave grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil, making it a sweet, slightly citrus-y, well-balanced pairing for the strawberry and hibiscus flavors. The resulting beverage is cool, refreshing and bursting with hibiscus flavor and is proof that some of the best souvenirs out there truly are the food and flavors of a place.

Hop on over to the Altos Tequila Field Notes, grab the deliciously easy recipe and you'll be cooling off with one of these sweet beverages in no time! Cheers!

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