Spooky Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Spooky Halloween Cupcake Toppers

While I often craft ridiculous schemes to festively celebrate a holiday, the sad reality is that I never have time to properly execute any of my plans. Staying festive is a must for me so I like to come up with ways to celebrate holidays that don't require much effort or time. This year, Halloween snuck up on me like a ghost in the night (pun intended) so I haven't even had time to do my last-minute Halloween decorations. However, haunted dirt cake and spooky cupcake toppers are something I can definitely squeeze into my schedule (because who doesn't have time to eat dessert?!). The only requirements- cupcakes, candy and a huge sweet tooth. Feel free to use any type of cupcake (homemade, mix, pre-made) you wish. For my cupcakes I made my Never Fail Chocolate Cake, but baked it in cupcake shapes, obviously, (bake for 20 minutes at 350; makes 12 cupcakes), and then I made a salted caramel buttercream to frost them with. Keep scrolling to see how I created the spooky halloween cupcake toppers.

Ghost // Meringue ghost (read how to make them here) + cotton candy (found in the Halloween section of Target)

Spider // Black raspberry gummy + thin black licorice cut into pieces

Bloody Mummy // Cherry candy ribbon (use a little extra frosting to help the pieces stick in place) + black sixlets

Tombstone // Meringue tombstone (read how to make them here) + cotton candy

Spooky Eyes // Half of an Oreo cookie + sixlets

Tombstone II // Same as the first tombstone, except I cut this cupcake in half, attached some gummy worms with frosting, then placed the top back on to make the worms appear as if they were crawling from the dirt