Day 6,7+8: #RCsGoWest Road Trip Vlog (Nashville + Indianapolis)

Day 6,7+8: #RCsGoWest Road Trip Vlog (Nashville + Indianapolis)

When we set out on our cross-country drive and move, I made a commitment to create vlogs from each of our stops. Well, I've got the content, I've created (most of) the vlogs and now I'm finally getting around to finishing posting them. Trust me. I'm more than aware that the point of a vlog is not to wait 2 months to post it. But this little thing called the holidays, and uh, ya know, just trying to track our moving company down with our stuff for over a month, kind of got in the way. I mean, good thing I've never tried to be a full-time vlogger, right??! That requires a whole other level of commitment that I'm just not ready to commit to.

All that just to let you know that another #RCsGoWest video is live. This one is from Nashville and Indianapolis. We, unfortunately, got into Nashville much later than we had hoped, so our original plans (that included cocktails and live music) had to be scrapped, but we did still manage to make the rounds to a few new and old faves (For other recommendations, check out my full Nashville travel guide, from our last trip!) before heading to Indianapolis to see family.

While we hadn't originally planned to stay in Indy for so long, at this point on our drive (we were about halfway) we were starting to feel a bit burnout out, exhausted, tired of hotel beds and restaurant food and in desperate need of clean laundry. I guess the bonus time with family wasn't too terrible, either (Hi Mom + Pete!). Most of our time was spent resting, or hanging out with farm animals, as one does in Indiana, but we also had lots of good food (a la Chef Mom) and some seriously amazing croissants and coffees (see below for deets).



Have you ever been to Nashville or Indianapolis? Any good spots I need to check out next time we go back?






Cafe Roze // A good spot for breakfast and/or lunch. The roze latte is pretty to look at (although not really to taste), but the roze salad bowl and breakfast sandwich were delicious.

Old Made Good // A fun vintage spot with reasonable prices. I got the t-shirt in this picture from this store, and I definitely wish I had snagged a few other things (like that blazer in the video).

Barista Parlor // Quite possibly one of my favorite coffee shops of all time. The vibes, the coffee, the space...I love it all! Do yourself a favor and get the bourbon vanilla and/or the whiskey caramel lattes. You'll thank me later!

Grimey's // A classic Nashville spot, great for browsing records old and new. They also have live music at select times, and if Frothy Monkey (the attached coffee shop) is open, make sure you stop by for a drink and baked treat.

Mas Tacos // This spot was on our Nashville list from our last trip, and since we were in need of a quick bite before hitting the road to Indy, we stopped here for dinner. It's a no-frills spot (cash only), but quick, easy and delicious. Parking can be a tad difficult and the line can quickly get long, so be prepared.













Coat Check // As you can see from the video, my Mom insists this spot has the best croissants, so of course we had to check it out. I've gotta say, she's not wrong. They're buttery, flaky and full of flavor. And their coffee is delicious, too. The butterscotch latte (paired with their cinnamon sugar croissant) is absolute heaven.

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