Photo Journal // A Summer Weekend in Palm Springs

Photo Journal // A Summer Weekend in Palm Springs

Last weekend, we cruised out to Palm Springs to celebrate Dave’s birthday.

I had been to Palm Springs before, but he hadn’t and he’s been begging me to take him ever since we moved to the West Coast. I’ve resisted for so long because the first go around didn’t leave me with the best impression (read: there was a massive wind storm that knocked out most of the power and basically left most of the entire town shut down). But what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets. And while I generally believe first impressions give you everything you need to know, I’m so glad I gave Palm Springs a second chance to redeem itself, which is exactly what it did.

We’ve been way too busy, so we really tried to pause and shut off while we were away on this trip (Palm springs is the perfect place to do just that). Of course, we brought all of our camera gear (as we always do), but we ended up deciding to stick to iPhone and film camera only the entire time we were there. Of course, even with that “rule” in place we couldn’t help taking a photo…or two (as you can see ;D ). Even though they aren’t “professional”, and they’re more “in-the-moment” than what I always share, I thought it would be fun to share them in a more casual photo journal style post.

I also updated my Palm Springs guide to include info on where we stayed and where we ate but, in a nutshell, we found a last minute deal on my favorite app, Hotel tonight, for a place I had been dying to stay at (KORAKAI PENSIONE), so you better believe we booked it asap. We spent most of our two days at the property, relaxing in the pool, drinking their delicious mint tea by the gallon, and, let’s be real, stalking the property’s cats. We also took late night swims under the starry desert sky, and even had a little cheese and wine picnic sitch one evening while watching an old movie by the pool (they screen them out there every evening). Yes, it was every bit as dreamy as it sounds. And yes, we already can’t wait to come back soon (or as soon as it’s not 120 bazillion degrees).