Passion for Cooking

Passion for Cooking

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Altos Tequila. All opinions are 100% mine.


I don’t remember when it first happened, when I fell for food and cooking. Most likely somewhere in between family Sunday suppers around the kitchen table, helping my Mom make cookies as a child, seeing my Aunt whip up one of her infamous pies, and family ravioli making days (Yes, we had those…would you expect anything less from a family of Italians?!). Growing up, the play kitchen my father built for me was my favorite toy and my favorite books were the children’s cookbooks I had received as gifts. I may not know exactly when I fell for cooking, but, needless to say, I fell young and I fell hard.

Maybe it’s the French and Italian in me, maybe it’s the way I was raised in the kitchen, but cooking, to me, has always been something that I enjoy, something that I am passionate about. For me, cooking isn’t just about making sure I have something semi-edible to eat for dinner. No, to me, cooking is so much more. It is an experience.

Viewing a passion as an experience isn’t a thing to be strictly reserved for the kitchen. Anyone with enough passion for something can turn said passion into a full-on experience. For example, how Henry, Dre and Jesús, created  Altos Tequila. It’s their passion to create a high-quality tequila at a reasonable price - which you can now enjoy.

For me, at home, my passion with cooking is manifested in the form of my husband and I, in the kitchen, music playing in the background, drink in hand, trying out a new recipe or using a new ingredient. It’s a way for us to unwind and connect while also learning about and exploring various foods, recipes, cultures, etc. We even like to pick our music and drink based on what we’re cooking for a truly rounded experience. In the summer, because we cook so much fresh seafood and veggies, it only makes sense to listen to some sort of tropical playlist and sip on a light and refreshing cocktail. Our go-to is always a margarita. It’s easy to make and it only requires a few ingredients, all of which we always have on hand. To get a simple recipe, hop on over to the Altos Tequila Field Notes section where they're serving up their margarita recipe and I'm serving up more about my passion for cooking.

 And find even more passion stories being served up on Altos Tequila Field Notes,  Altos Tequila Twitter and Altos Tequila Instagram.

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