Panificio Bertino

Panificio Bertino

Whilst among the many places we ate and stopped by during our travels through Italy, a small diamond in the rough, a  family-owned panificio (bakery) located near the center of Torino, stole our hearts.

Panificio Bertino is in every sense of the definition a bread lovers dream! From their pizza/focaccia to cookies to their fresh baked bread, your nose, eyes and taste buds will be on overload from the moment you walk in to when you gladly hand over your Euros for the deliciousness that will infiltrate your digestive system. 

The best part about stumbling upon Panificio Bertino... The owners Andrea and Alicia also happened to be our Airbnb hosts during our stay in Torino. Now of course the listing said that the apartment was next to the bakery, but the fact that the apartment was above (and basically adjoined to) the bakery made this Airbnb that much more of a home run as we knew that we would be up to our eyes in baked goodies (totally OK our books). 

And as if this couldn't get any better, Andrea and Alicia even invited us behind the scenes to see how Panificio Bertino has been baking and turning out bread since 1854, teaching us some of their techniques and even letting us (well, Mr. RC) be honorary Panificio Bertino bakers for a morning. As one of our favorite parts of traveling is "living like locals", aka getting to connect and interact with locals and partake in local things, the Mr. and I both agree that this simple, unassuming event was by far one of our favorites from the entire Italy trip. From the music playing to the coffee (and maybe a little prosecco!) drinking to the Italian flying back and forth, to eating the pizzas straight out of the brick oven, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and "knead"less to say something we will cherish forever!

If you happen to be visiting Torino, please do yourself a favor and stop in for a slice (or 10) of their out-of-this world focaccia! I promise, you'll regret it forever if you don't!

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