White Summer Dress + Red Chanel

White Summer Dress + Red Chanel

Old Navy Dress || Steve Madden Heels || Chanel Bag || Kendra Scott Bracelet c/o

Last Wednesday I had a dinner downtown right by Battery Park. Despite how close it is to us (only a couple of subway stops), we never seem to make it to that part of the city. I seized on the opportunity to photograph my new very summer, very nautical-feeling dress right by the water (and the yachts, le duh!) and met the Mr. there right before my event. As we always do, we walk around scouting for the best location or spot to shoot in. It was already a little windy to start with, but, as luck would have it, we walked right over a massive grate blowing air at full speed. Did I say luck? What I actually meant was quite the opposite. You see I had a full-on Marilyn Monroe moment. Not a cute one, like "Oh-look-at-me-with-my-perfect-hair-and-skirt-blowing-in-the-perfect-direction-and-my-perfectly-pouting-red-lips!". Nope, mine was a full on hair-mangled, skirt-around-my-face, flashing-everyone-around-me hot mess express moment. So.....yeah. That was cute. On the humorous side, it happened to be Marilyn's birthday and I just so happened to be wearing a white dress with red lips. Coincidence or fate?!

Despite all that, I couldn't be happier to add this dress to my white dress collection (Yes, I have so many that it's now becoming a thing! Oy vey!). It's super versatile and super comfortable. I also love the subtle windowpane pattern, a detail that sets this dress apart from so many other basic white ones without being obnoxious and over-the-top. And at less than $35, it's definitely a dress I'd recommend adding to your own summer wardrobe ASAP. Just remember...don't wear it around wind grates ;)

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