New In // Clean Beauty Products

New In // Clean Beauty Products

I always love getting new beauty products,

and, tbh, I’m probably a little bit addicted to trying the latest and greatest in search of the best that are better than the rest. But in an effort to be more sustainable and responsible (both environmentally and financially), I’ve scaled back significantly on the amount of products I’m adding to my beauty cabinet on a regular basis and instead trying to *mostly* stick to a rule of only allowing myself to purchase a new beauty item after I finish an old one up. So far it’s made my skincare routine a lot more streamlined and a lot less stressful because I’m not having to search through hundreds of products to find “the one”. It’s also allowed me to focus on quality over quantity and to test out new products how they truly should be tested {one at a time, for at least 30 days}.

I recently finished up a bunch of beauty products so, per my self-imposed rule, I was able to go out and purchase some new items to replace the old ones. Some are ones that I’ve been wanting to try for actual ages {ahem, Vintner’s Daughter}, some are ones I’ve never tried from favorite brands and some are clean swaps for standard items that I was using. I’m sharing more about each one below, so keep reading for the full run-down on all that new, new in my beauty cabinet.

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If you’ve followed me for a while you know that this is one of my go-to skincare brands. All of the women in my family have used the products for as long as I can remember and people always think they’re at least 10 years younger than they actually are, so, when it came time for me to start buying skincare I’m sure you can guess what brand I got. However, I generally stick to the same products. But recently I decided to try the ceramide vital fluid as while as one of their other eye creams. I’ve been using the eye cream every night and I love how moisturizing and thick it is without feeling like it’s weighing down the delicate skin around my eye area. I’ve only used the fluid on and off so I can’t say much for what it does yet, but so far it’s a little more liquid-y than I thought it would be and I can’t decide how I feel about the scent.

JUS Beauty //

One of my dear friends, who works for Jus by Julie, helped the brand develop and launch their recent skincare line, so I am beyond excited to try all of the products in this plant-based collection. There are four products, a moisturizer, two cleansers and an exfoliating tonic, and while I haven’t tested them out yet {The box of items literally just arrived the other day!}, if my friend’s skin is any indication, I know they’re going to be amazing! BTW, if you want to give these products a try, you can use code “runwaychef15” for 15% off your order on their website.


I was especially excited to play around with this line of products not only because they are clean products with an emphasis eco -friendly, recyclable packaging, but because they are also a local brand based out of Laguna Beach. I’ve been trying their moisture renew mask after days in the sun, their retexturizing night cream on nights where I want extra hydration but I’m also battling acne, the daily brightening tonic when I need an extra glowy boost in the AM and Dave has been trying the eye cream {since I already have ones I use}.


The world of clean skincare is not a cheap one, so it’s always nice to see brands, like Mad Hippie, that are trying to change that. I stumbled upon the brand in my quest for a clean vitamin C product to replace my mainstream option {side note- trying to find good clean vitamin c serums is like finding a needle in a haystack…who knew??!} and was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price points {especially after splurging on some of the products mentioned above}. While I’m still testing it out, so far it seems like a great mild formula, perfect for someone who is normally sensitive to Vitamin C serums. However, I do wish the results were a bit more prominent.


I finally caved and purchased the coveted cult favorite. The high price tag made my heart skip a few beats as I hit “Purchase”, but so far it seems to be a worthwhile investment that has been giving my skin an extra glow. While I know you can use it both day and night, I’m currently only using a few drops at night before applying my face cream.


I tried (and loved) a sample of this so I couldn’t wait to purchase the full-size bottle. While it’s not quite as strong as some standard aha and lactic acids that I’ve used before, for a clean version, I think it does an amazing job. I don’t use it every night, but the ones that I do, I can always tell a noticeable difference the next morning, as my skin will be much brighter.


While I love rosehip oil {you can read my post all about it here} I’m not loving this brand. I got swayed by the lower cost and bigger bottle, but this is definitely an example of a product where you should stick to what you know works and that cheaper doesn’t mean better. This one has a funny odor and I swear it’s causing me to breakout {even though rosehip oil usually helps prevent breakouts for me}. Good thing it didn’t cost much because it’s getting used for body oil from here on until it’s finished!


Full disclaimer- I know this isn’t a clean beauty product, but I still wanted to include it on this list because I’ve been loving it so much. I’ve actually used several eyelash growth serums and I’ve been pretty happy with the results (revitalash was my other favorite), but I’ve wanted to try this one for years as I’ve heard nothing but the best things. I’m about a month into using it and I can honestly say it’s the best eyelash serum I’ve ever used. My lashes have never looked better and even Dave commented on how long they’re getting {which is really saying something since I’m convinced I could shave my entire head and he wouldn’t even notice! Ha!}.


Similarly to the Vintner’s Daughter product, this is another cult favorite beauty item that I finally decided to purchase. Go figure, I’ve barely used it since it arrived *insert palm-to-face emoji*. But I’ve officially decided to commit to using it every day for 5-10 minutes for at least 30 days in a row so I can see the results {I even took a picture on the start day to be able to compare my face with in a month.}. However, I do have to say, in the meantime, anytime I use it, I definitely notice that my cheekbones are more defined and my face is more lifted {at least temporarily}.

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What new beauty products have you been using? Any favorites that you’re especially loving?