WearrunwaychefStyle, Europe

Milan Neutrals

WearrunwaychefStyle, Europe
Milan Neutrals

Lands' End Coat || Madewell Top || Joe Fresh Pants c/o || Dagne Dover Bag c/o || Adidas Sneakers || Daniel Wellington Watch c/o (Get 15% off their site when you use code RUNWAYCHEF)

I know what you're thinking- did we move to Europe? Fair question, given that I've been in Milan 4 times in the last 5 months (#secondhome?!) and about 90% off my recent outfit photos happen to have been taken in France or Italy. No, we have not moved there (yet), and the only reason you see so many outfit photos from Italy is because, given the opportunity, we will stock up on photos. Italy presented us with the perfect opportunity, so stock up we did! Because I only post one outfit a week, the stock pile of looks can last me quite a while, meaning we may have shot something two months before it even hits the site. And, if your next question is if I actually wear all my outfits or just put them on for photos, the answer is that I do indeed wear everything you see here. However, many times, when I wear a look, it's not the right time or place to photograph (too dark, bad weather, ugly backdrop, etc), so I make note of the look in a Google doc sheet and save it for a day when we're shooting a bunch of looks. And now that you know all the dirty little secret behind our fashion shoots, lets get back to Milan, er this look, shall we?

The Milan weather was only slightly warmer on this last trip there than it was previously, but it was  warm enough to not have to layer on the sweaters. While my wool coat was still necessary, it wasn't until the sun started to go down that I actually had to button it up and use my scarf for more than just an accessory. In other words, it felt just like a spring day here in New York, and I wasn't mad about it one single bit!