LA Summer Bucket List

LA Summer Bucket List

Happy First Day of Summer!

Even though it’s gray and cloudy, I’m wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and it feels more like the first day of fall. But, as the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way, so if anyone needs me, I’ll be busy willing summer into existence one item on our LA Summer Bucket List at a time.

maxi dress-1.jpg
  • See a movie at Hollywood Forever

  • Check out the Lotus Festival

  • Have a bonfire on the beach (complete with s’mores, of course!)

  • Take a trip back to Big Sur

  • Drive up into the hills of Malibu to catch sunset and then do some stargazing

  • Rooftop hangs (want to check out Margot and Sorra, among others)

  • Skip out on work early to grab an al fresco happy hour

  • Check out First Fridays in Venice

  • Make Malibu Mondays a thing

  • Picnic and a concert at The Hollywood Bowl

  • Go thrifting at flea markets

  • Visit Huntington Gardens

  • Do at least one new hike (got my eye on Mt. Baldy hike)

  • Go for a sunset drive to grab fried clams at Neptune’s Net

  • Ride the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier (preferably as the sun is setting)

  • Bike ride along the beach path

  • Go to a stargazing party at The Griffith

  • See the seals hanging out at Fisherman’s Village

  • Visit Apricot Lane farm

  • Give back through volunteer projects (i.e. the seals + beach clean-ups)

  • Have a midweek beach breakfast date before work

  • Make a fruit pie with fresh berries from the farmer’s market

  • Listen to one of the free jazz concerts at LACMA

  • Wine tasting at Barnsdall Art Park

  • Spend a day out on a sailboat

  • Check out the Getty Villa and attend one of the Off the 405 concerts while we’re there

  • Head out on a night hike

  • Kayak in Marina Del Ray

  • Catch a rooftop movie

  • Go camping at the beach

  • Spend a Sunday in Ventura watching the surfers

  • Grab a beer at a local brewery

  • Eat dinner at the beach at least once a week

  • Grab coffee and head up to Malibu to catch a sunrise

  • Catch a movie at the drive-in theater

  • Go on a spontaneous road trip getaway

What’s on your summer bucket list?