WearrunwaychefStyle, Europe

Milan Mode

WearrunwaychefStyle, Europe
Milan Mode

Joe Fresh Jacket c/o || H&M Shirt || Vigoss Denim c/o || Cole Haan Booties c/o || Sunglass Warehouse Sunnies c/o || Chanel Bag

I'm baaaaaack! Ok, technically I was back stateside late Sunday night, but mentally I've only just returned. I'm not one to get jet lag, but our first couple of days home, it was a struggle for me to keep my eyelids open even a sliver. Of course, like the good little blogger that I am, I prepared content for while we were away, but, as I have never suffered jet lag, I thought I would hop right back into work upon our return. Instead, I just dropped off the internet (so sorry!). To top it off, I also somehow thought it would be a great idea to schedule 5 meetings the day after our return (Knock 'em all out in one day, she thinks. Then you can focus on your work the rest of the week, she thinks. Clearly... she doesn't actually think). On the bright side, I've find the trick to becoming a morning  person- just get jet lag.

Speaking of tricks, I also found the trick to dressing like an Italian- just throw on a leather jacket. Or in my case, a faux leather jacket (FYI, the one I'm wearing is a perfect layering piece for this season and it's currently on major sale). It instantly added that je ne sais qui to what would have otherwise been a pretty basic outfit, resulting in the perfect casual, cool look for exploring Milan.

I so hope you enjoyed following our trip on social media! We really appreciated all the comments and love and we're so excited to see all the positive responses we've received as we work to not only make the travel content better but also more frequent. So a big thank you from both Mr.RC and I. Stay tuned for lots of fun Italy content over the next few weeks! 

Now, I'd love to know, how have you been spending your fall? Please tell me it's included lots of pumpkin and apple things so that I can live vicariously through you as I feel like our trip has caused me to miss most of the autumn season.