Let me just start by saying that this isn't the most traditional introduction post.


Typically, I know you introduce one thing at a time. But when have I ever done anything typical? So here I am writing a post to introduce you to not just one new thing, not two, BUT THREE. I know. It's a lot. But I figured three separate introduction posts were even more ridiculous, so here we are, and here I am still doing as terribly as ever with introductions.

First, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has continued to read the blog and support Runway Chef throughout the years, the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows. Not only has it allowed me to create a career for myself (and one that I genuinely love), but, even more importantly, it's allowed me to share and communicate with so many people that I would never have been able to without this platform. I'm forever grateful.

I think I was just barely five years old when, inspired by my entrepreneurial family, I started my first business, a neighborhood lemonade stand. From there I moved into creating my own library (for which I tried, unsuccessfully, to collect some hefty overdue fees from friends and family). Then, there was my subscription-only newsletter, an Earth Day club (I even organized a tree planting, complete with dirt cake for snacks.), homemade jewelry that I sold at a booth I set up at our local children's museum's kids entrepreneur day, a backyard carnival (that my friend and I made all our siblings run "the games" for), babysitting, cleaning and Lord only knows what else in between. Since that very first lemonade stand, my brain hasn't stopped concocting ideas and I haven't stopped creating businesses. It's just who I am and what I do.

...which leads me to today, to the point of this whole post, to introduce some new and exciting things. True to form, I came up with these ideas years ago. Also true to form, I've been terrified to share them. In fact, I had scheduled introduction posts for the first quarter. It's now the third. The planner in me thinks things needed to be schedule out more appropriately. The perfectionist in me thinks things could always be better. The pessimist in me thinks no one will notice or care, or that the ideas are stupid, or that I'll be made fun of. But the me in me is like screw all of you and let's do the damn thing! So without further ado...

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B. Support //

I've grappled with how to introduce this, and I've come to the conclusion that there's no better way than to just dive right in, so here goes nothing. B. Support (B standing for boobs + best, support for the support a proper fitting bra gives you + support from empowering and lifting other women up) is a new series I'm starting to support all of my girls in the big boobs club. I can't say I've always been a proud member, but I've pretty much been a member since my boobs decided to show up. One day I had nothing, and the next day I had full-on melons. It was not an easy adjustment for a 12 year-old. And honestly, there really hasn't ever been an easy day with them since. Since the very beginning up to present day, I've been made fun of, called names, become the brunt of many a joke, had countless conversations (personally and professionally) where I've not been taken seriously and people can only focus on one thing (Ahem.), endured being verbally sexually assaulted simply because of my boobs (and then when I've brought it up to "friends" about what I should do, they simply laugh it off), suffered back and shoulder pain, tried every trick to get them to "smash in" and have had to wear upwards of 4 sports bras just so I could workout. Oh, and don't even get me started on clothing. No trendy pieces are ever, ever made to fit someone who is well-endowed up top. I really don't care quite as much about trendy pieces these days, but imagine being in high school and not being able to wear "what all the cool kids are wearing". It tore me apart and left me in tears more times than I can count. While I've now learned what I can and cannot wear, and where to shop, I still walk in and out of countless stores frustrated with the fact that everything on their racks would never work for anyone with an actual rack. I'd either have to squeeze into something that would barely cover one boob, or get something 10 sizes bigger, and then look like I'm pregnant (even though I wear a size 4). In fact, if you wonder why I sometimes seem to go months without new clothes, this is why. If you wonder why you see me wearing the same thing on repeat, this is why. If you wonder, why I've slowed down on "Wear" content, this is why. 

I adore clothes and fashion and always have, hence why I decided to make it a part of the content I share on my blog and social media channels. But I've always struggled with how, since things just don't fit me the way they "seem" to fit many other women. Way back before blogging was ever even a thing, I actually wanted to go to fashion design school so I could then start a clothing line specifically for us girls with bigger boobs. Obviously that never happened, but that didn't stop my mind from thinking of ways to help other women. Fast forward a few years, I have my own website, and it seems like the perfect space for me to share more. I have a lifetime of personal experience and knowledge, and I couldn't find anyone else providing useful content for girls with big boobs, so it seemed like the perfect fit. But I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable, because it's not the most comfortable subject to discuss. When I have attempted discussions in the past, they very quickly turn into either a joke, people assuming I'm looking for attention, or something sexual. But then I thought of the years I've felt so alone in this struggle, and remembered that I am very privileged to have my own platform to talk about whatever I damn well please, so that's what I'm doing (not that I haven't always, but you know what I mean...). If I can help even one girl with information, tips or to feel less alone, then it's worth me putting myself out there for. I have big plans for this series, but for now, I'll be starting with monthly posts in the "Wear" section, covering everything from the best bras to styling tips to some of my favorite big-boob-friendly clothing styles and brands.  And, even if this content doesn't directly relate to you, I hope this series will at least inspire you to be more supportive and lift one another up,.

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Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading and FOLLOWING along. I'm so thrilled for this new content. it would not be possible without your support, so I am eternally grateful for that, and could not be more ECSTATIC to have you alL along on this wildly unexpected, but exciting, journey.  As always, If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc, feel free to leave them below, or send me an e-mail.

Mini Photo School //

When the Mr. and I started this whole blogging journey, we were about as far from professional photographers as you could get. I mean, let's be real, Dave didn't even want to take my photos and I had to bribe him for even a single terribly wretched photo. And the photos I took of food/beauty/life were so tragic, I literally thought I was going to be sick just looking at them. Fast forward 6 years and lots of trial and errors later, and I'd like to think our photos have improved just a tad. I still don't think of ourselves as professionals, and yet some of the most frequently asked questions we get are about photography- what we use, how we shoot, how we edit. We've always brushed the questions aside, saying you could find better resources pretty much anywhere else, but y'all are persistent, so here we are, about to launch a Mini Photo School series. We're calling it "school" because it seemed appropriate for the time of year (Ya know, back to school and all.), but don't worry, there aren't any texts books or tests. the "lesson plans" is that for the next two months, every Thursday, we will be sharing a photo school post, breaking down all the basics, and sharing our tips and tricks. The goal is that everyone, from bloggers trying to take better outfit or food photos to Moms trying to take better pictures of their kids, will (fingers crossed) be able to benefit. At the end of the series, we'll be doing a mini photo challenge to help you put everything you've learned into practice, and there may or may not even be a giveaway involved. In other words, I hope you're ready to get snap happy!

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All in Good Giving //

Last but not least in the series of ideas-I've-had-for-years-but-have-been-too-scared-to-share is "All in Good Giving" (which will be filed under the soon-to-be-added-to-the-menu-bar tab titled "Giving"). Giving back and volunteering is something that has always been a big part of my life. Even as a child, when my family din't have much, I was taught to give to those with even less. At this point in life, it's just a part of who I am. And yet, while I share many other parts of my life, it's a part I haven't actually shared much about. In fact, I see almost no one in the industry share anything about helloing others. Instead, I see an overwhelmingly excessive materialistic and narcissistic community of me, me, me + give me, give me, give me + take, take, take, complaining about things like pizza crust not being gluten-free and not being able to find a sold-out Chanel bag, when meanwhile, around the corner, some family is homeless and a child is going without even a basic meal. It truly makes me sick to my core. I've unfollowed many brands and individuals because they seem so out-of-touch, I've ended up in tears watching people complain about so many first world problems, and, at times, it's made me stop blogging or posting on social media because I can't handle being a part of something that only takes and never gives. But, as always, I want to be a part of the solution, not the problem, and I firmly believe that if you don't see anyone doing something you want done, you've got to just dig in and do it yourself. Of course, as with everything new, there are the fears and doubts. Will people think I'm being narcissistic and just doing this for attention? Is society as a whole just so selfish these days that they truly only care about self-care and self-love, not selfless acts of kindness? Do I even have a large enough platform to make a difference? But, as with B.Support, I'm not looking to change the world, I'm just looking to change a person's world, and even if it's only one person, that's worth it to me.

There's some pretty big issues in the world, so we've got some pretty big plans for this series, both on and off the blog, to do what we can to help. For now, you can expect to see monthly posts with everything from features of brands who give back in big ways, highlights on organizations and charities, and giving back suggestions and ideas, followed soon after with giving back events and meet-ups, and then, down the road, if all goes well, even bigger projects and ways to get involved. 

Of all the things I've ever shared on the blog, this is by far the most important to me, and if you never read any of my other posts ever again, I hope that, at the very least, you will still at least show up for these giving back posts, and better yet, be inspired to create the change you want to see in this world.

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