How to Get Perfect Red Lips

How to Get Perfect Red Lips

I've had "How to Get Perfect Red Lips" on my sheet of post ideas for going on two years now. Apparently traveling to Paris is my motivator because, not only did these finally get baked, I'm also finally getting around to posting about the perfect red lips, something that could not be more perfect given last week's surroundings. 

While I used to abhor lipstick, as my style (and age, unfortunately) has changed, so has my preference for lipstick. While you won't find me with a full on lip color the majority of the time, when I like to spice things up a bit, dress up an outfit or don't have time for much makeup, the classic red lip has become my go-to. Here are the steps I take to achieve perfect red lips:


1. Brushing Up- Use an old toothbrush (or one dedicated to just this purpose) to gently scrub your lips in a circular motion for about 60 seconds. Alternately, you can use a lip scrub instead.


2. Soften and Sooth- Dab on a bit of cream (face, eye, day or night, they all work), then allow it to soak in while you go about putting on the rest of your makeup.


3. Soften x Two- About 5 minutes before you're ready for your lipstick, moisturizer again. This time, use a Chapstick or lip balm. Bonus points- look for something with citrus or mint as it will help to naturally plump up your lips.


4. Blot it Away- When you're ready to apply your lipstick, first use a piece of tissue or toilet paper to gently blot off any remaining "slickness"/moisture from the lip balm.


5. Pout Primer- Dab on a bit of concealer or foundation and blend it completely in. Blot off any excess and make sure the concealer is completely dry before moving on to the next step.


6. Line 'em Up- Use a nude/light brown lip liner pencil to outline your lips.


7. Paint By Color- Pick whichever lipstick you're going to use (I've linked a few of my favorites below) and, using a lip brush, dab it in the color, then carefully start painting your lips, being sure to stay within the lip liner. If you put on too much color, just use a small piece of tissue paper to gently blot it off. Sometimes, even if I haven't put on too much color, I'll still blot it off for a more subdued look, sometimes I add a red tinted gloss for a shinier finish and sometimes I just leave the lipstick as is.And that's it for the perfect red lip!


I'd love to know, are you a fan of lipstick, and red lips? If so, what's your go-to shade?