How to Create a Simple Holiday Table with Greenery

How to Create a Simple Holiday Table with Greenery

There are a lot of fancy holiday tables out in the world.

Mine will never be one of them. Nope, no fancy china plates, no polished sterling silverware, no perfectly ironed tablecloths (#sorrynotsorry to those of you who are offended by #reallife wrinkles) to be found here. Instead, I like to keep things as simple as I can, using minimal items that are easily accessible, whether it be at a local market or in your own backyard. Mostly, I like to work with what I have whenever possible.

I tend to stick to the guidelines of decorating a table that I mentioned here, obviously just switching out various items depending on the season. So, for the holidays, that means using a lot of greenery (Greenery for the holidays? Groundbreaking, right?! ;) ). In short, I basically grab all the greenery I can find, arrange it on the table, add plates, seat friends, serve food. The end. Obviously, I’m sharing more in-depth details and tips, below, on how to create a simple holiday table with greenery, so be sure to keep scrolling to read them all.

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Not to sound like your mother or anything, but You need to load up on your greens. Well, at least to create this table you do. The key is to make sure you have a variety. Don’t just use eucalyptus or pine branches. Mix and match, and aim for at least 3-5 different types of greenery. Then, layer them throughout the center of the table to create a greenery table runner. And, Since greenery is the theme, and this “table runner” is really the only decor you’re going to have, remember the more greenery, the merrier.


Use neutral linens, plates and silverware to enhance the overall natural look of the table without overpowering the greenery. I love how these speckled stoneware dishes further enhance the earthy element of the table + vintage silverware adds a demure, yet refined, touch and ensures the table doesn’t look too rustic.

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Finish of each place setting with a simple sprig of the greenery of your choice. It’s a simple way to complete each place setting and tie the entire table together.


Just like with the place settings, make sure everything else on your table stays neutral, whether it is the candles, candlestick holders, a centerpiece, servingware, etc. to allow all the greenery to be the star of the show (well, outside of the food, and yourself, of course ;) ).

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