WearrunwaychefStyle, Europe

When in Rome...

WearrunwaychefStyle, Europe
When in Rome...

ON HER: Joe Fresh Dress + Hat c/o || Madewell Shirt and Bracelet || Cole Haan Booties c/o || Chanel Bag || Deborah Milano Il Rossetto Lipstick in 602

ON HIM: Joe Fresh Top, Button Down + Scarf c/o || Brooks Brothers Jacket || Old Navy Jeans || Nike Shoes (similar style)

When in Rome has never felt more appropriate to say then when we were, in fact, in Rome. And while we typically avoid most tourist things, there are certain things that one can not NOT do. So we ran (quite literally, actually, as we only had one full day there) all around town checking out Vatican City, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum because, you know, when in Rome....

The weather in Rome was chilly in the evenings but deliciously warm during the day so I was finally able to ditch my scarf and we both shed our jackets. My dress was easy to move in, super comfortable, and, most importantly, the loose fit was perfect for hiding the daily gelato I had been consuming. I knew after that day that I had found the one....the one thing I would be wearing for Thanksgiving dinner, that is. FYI, it also looks great paired with black stockings. Mr. RC's layered look is also a win-win situation, as in a winning look for exploring Rome and a winning look for gobbling up turkey day dinner (Those layers are key for hiding layers of servings!). I mean, what more can you ask for in a Thanksgiving outfit than something that let's you eat 20 pounds of turkey in comfort and style?! Don't worry, I know what you're already thinking....when in Rome, right?!