Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A rare conjoined delicata squash, used for yesterday's fall salad recipe}

These past few days have been highly uneventful...and by uneventful I mean we hung out with some "ghosts", a tv show decided it was a good idea to start filming outside our apartment at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning, and apparently I can now add "Published Author" to my resume. See what I mean....totally uneventful. We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary this coming weekend and I'm really hoping it can be more eventful than these last few days because, I mean, c'mon, hanging with ghosts and getting recipes published is so lame-o!

{The cutest pencil sharpeners}

{One of the "haunted" buildings (now NYU classrooms) on our NYC ghost tour Friday night}


{A bevy of new cooking tools c/o GIR that make me one happy cook}


{While I thought it would be much longer til I was a published author, I was totally surprised to receive a copy of this book, featuring one of my recipes (on one full page, nonetheless), over the weekend}


{Found via Pinterest, source unknown}