Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Loved the candle display in this shop}

You guys. This book I talked about last week is seriously amazing! I feel like I should just start summarizing my daily readings from this book for every Happy Hour from here on out. Don't worry, I won't because that would be boring and unoriginal and totally like plagiarism (le duh). But seriously you need to read this book (and no this is not a sponsored post)! Here's why- Yesterday I worked until about 2am Monday night/Tuesday morning. After little sleep, I was rudely awakened to the fact that I am clearly no longer in college and pulling all-nighters is something that is so far in my past I barely even know what the name means. So here I am fumbling around half asleep, eyes opened no wider than paper thin slits, sitting down to do my daily social media......and my site is gone. WAIIIIITTTTTT?! My site is gone!?! Ensue full-blown, wide awake intensely panicked call to the Mr. After 5 minutes, he manages to calm me enough so that I can regain composure and put my business face on and get the site fixed. Lesson learned- Alyssa needs more than 4 hours of sleep to function. So what does this have to do with the book? Well, every day's reading always seems to be fitting into something I'm dealing with in life (and I'm sure most of you are dealing with as well), and go figure, yesterday's reading just happened to be about how life isn't fair. Clearly, if I didn't know that before yesterday, now I do. Annnnnd this has officially become the longest happy hour post ever, so on that note, I hope you're all enjoying this week and, unlike me, getting plenty of sleep!

{New bikinis for upcoming beach trips....obviously, I hate stripes!}

{A rustic succulent display}

{Our neighborhood}

{Loving the simplicity of this single dried flower stem displayed in my kitchen}