Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Celebrating my friend's blog's birthday, complete with fun balloons & a rooftop photoshoot done by Mr. RC}

Mr. RC and I packed a lot into last weekend, just like we're planning to pack a lot into the month of August. After all, it is the last official full month of summer so we want to make the most of it. We spent Sunday night planning out an itinerary that included lots of things on this list, with a hefty dose of goals (both business & personal) thrown into the mix. Here's hoping we can stick to it!

Hope you're all having a great week and thanks for reading!

{Brunching at Prime Meats}

{Added my custom bracelet made by the coppersmith at this event to my arm stack...also, I know you're wondering why my bracelet says 'and' and it's because, guys, I just can't get enough of the word. Kiiiidddding! I was actually going for mine and Mr. RC's initials but they didn't have a '&' so 'and' it is! In my opinion, it just makes the bracelet that much more special....}

{A sunday afternoon spent wandering the museum with friends}


{Mini trays from brunch that look identical to the old tv dinner serving trays my Grandmother has}