Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A wall of buoys that reminds me of my favorite state, Maine}

There's an intense amount of ocean infused into this week's happy hour and that's because nothing makes me happier than the sea....and my favorite holiday...and fireworks....and lobster rolls...and long weekends...and birthdays...and lots of time with my husband. So considering all of those things happened over the last week, I'm one very happy girl right now. The only thing killing my vibe? A killer case of sun poisoning that both I and the Mr. got (#sunscreenfail)....and the fact that this coming weekend isn't another long one (womp, womp).

I'd love to hear what you enjoyed most about your long holiday weekend in the comments below!

{Finally made it to the beach}

{Mr. RC's birthday dinner- crazy good lobster rolls from a place on our summer to-do list}

{Summer nights}

{Fireworks on the 4th, of course}