Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{A peek through the back door curtain at our backyard at dusk}

This week is extra happy because a) it's short and b) it includes one of my favorite holidays. While I'm very much looking forward to both of those things, I've also been enjoying this past week a lot because, drumroll please....we've finally (mostly) finished our backyard makeover (cue a very happy dance)! Needless to say Mr. RC has had to force me to come inside and go to bed most nights, despite my pleadings to just sleep on our patio couch (because, who doesn't want to go camping in Brooklyn?!). Of course, a full post of the backyard makeover will be coming soon, but until then enjoy the sneak peeks here (and on Instagram via #operationbkbackyardmakeover).  I hope you enjoy the rest of this very short week!

{My favorite after-lunch treat as of late- chocolate covered almonds}

{Color coordinating the books on our bookshelves}

{A frenchie figurine my Mom gave Mr. RC and I}

{One of my favorite parts of our backyard- these BK letters}

{This week's quote via a print my Mom gave me}