Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{My favorite way to drink water in the summer- with fresh fruit (watermelon used here), mint, and a pretty straw}

It's really, truly starting to feel like summer around here. And by that I mean the subways feel like ovens, you stick to everything (and I do mean everything) you come in contact with, and the streets smell 100 times worse than the worst smell you've ever smelled (say that 10 times fast!). Yay. On the bright side, there are plenty of Mr. Softee cones to be had, parks to picnic in, outdoor movies to watch, and rooftop pools to lay out at. I'm ready for you summer-in-the-city!

What's your favorite thing about summer?

{Old summer sandals + new summer polishes}


{My first Broadway show}

{The beginnings of our bookshelf styling...so far, this is my favorite set-up}

{My first concert of the summer and my first time at Terminal 5...clearly, it was a week of firsts for me when it comes to musical happenings in the city}

{Sweet summertime via}