Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{The first of many jars/candles/containers for our outdoor decorating}

You know you're getting old when.....getting a backyard makes you more excited than just about anything (I even made it its own hashtag...yup, I'm that girl). In my not so distant past I was all like "Yay! Another margarita!" now I'm all like "Yay! Let me plant my garden (and drink a margarita!)". Instead of skipping class to drink at watch my college's baseball games, I'm "skipping" work to look at outdoor spaces on Pinterest. Instead of staying up late going to a bar, I'm staying up late and planning my vegetable garden. And I can hardly contain my excitement for my husband to get home after work, of course because I love to see him, but mostly because I want us to finish designing our backyard. Basically, it's safe to say that I'm 28 going on 70.

{One of my favorite types of pizza- bbq chicken}

{The beginnings of our garden}

 {An unusual looking green tomato that's making me even more excited to get our 1st produce}