Happy Hour

Happy Hour

{Sunset off the pier in Tribeca}

While March was one of the best months I've had in a while, the universe decided to play it's own April Fool's joke on me by kicking off April with the worst day ever. After I sulked around in my sweats, ignored my massively ridiculous to-do list, and stuffed my face full of chocolate, I remembered I needed to write today's HH post. Go figure. I mean have you ever tried to remember what you've been happy about when you're in anything but a happy mood?! It's no walk in the park! So after 9.764 attempted starts to this post, 23.67493 minutes of staring at the computer screen, and approximately 59.678 times of telling myself to "Get it together, Alyssa!", I realized I was happy that I had these HH posts for days exactly as dreadful as yesterday's.

Also, I realized I had made this, and let's be honest, it's kind of hard to be sad when there's bacon around...

{I'm always excited to discover new-to-me foods, like these purple scallions...has anyone else seen these before?}


{I'm a sucker for good totes, but I love it even more when they're for a good cause}


{I loved this artwork & light fixture so much I couldn't just share it on Instagram...I'm thinking I want to recreate this light fixture for our kitchen}


{Thanks to Christmas & birthday gifts I finally have the complete set of my all-time favorite movies...did anyone else love these movies growing up?}

{Favorite quote from said favorite movies...couldn't be more appropriate for today's HH; via here